Review: O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell

O, Juliet
by Robin Maxwell

Like a lot of the world, I’ve been captivated by the story of Romeo and Juliet ever since the first time I read it. I was drawn in by the all-consuming passion these two characters felt for each other and the sad circumstances that led to their end. I remember thinking to myself that when I grown up I hope to have the chance to feel such an awe-inspiring love for another person. And once I met my husband, I knew what it was to feel that. It’s exhilarating, but scary at the same time!

In O, Juliet Robin Maxwell tackles her own version of Shakespeare’s golden couple – bringing new characters and plots into the mix. Juliet Capalleti is the 18 year old daughter of a prominent Florentine silk tradesman, and about to be married to a hideous soon-to-be business partner of her father’s, Jacopo. While loath to let his daughter go, this is the only way he can think of to save the family business. Jacopo, on the other hand, is quite happy with the situation – he gets to be part of Florence’s most famous silk producer and he also gets a wife, whom he plans on using as a baby-making machine, while still enjoying his mistresses.

One night, while attending her best friend’s party, Juliet meets Romeo, a member of the Capalleti’s rival family – the Monticecco’s. Drawn together by their mutual love of prose, in particular, that of Dante Alighieri, the teenagers fall in love and begin to meet in secret - their affection for each other growing with each meeting. As the time for Juliet’s wedding to Jacopo draws closer, they become more and more desperate to find a way to be together.

All in all, I found O, Juliet to be a very pleasant and mellifluous read. Maxwell is an excellent author – her descriptions of Florence and her ability to bring uniqueness to each character is a real telling of her talent. Juliet is sweet, feisty, intelligent young woman, in love with the written word and not afraid to go after what she wants! And Romeo, oh Romeo, is such a charming and gentle soul…add into that a romantic poet and you’ve got one irresistible guy! Now, I do have one critique about this book – it wasn’t long enough! I wanted more!

O, Juliet is a great novel to curl up to by the fire, sipping hot cocoa (cause chocolate is an aphrodisiac), with a little Barry White playing in the background!

Chocked full of passion, love and poetry, O, Juliet would be a welcome addition to any literature lover’s bookshelf!

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  1. A GREAT review, Amy! You are officially linked to my review now.. and I have no idea what mellifluous means =)but I'll take ypur word for it!! And I agree that as I raced to the end... I was sad the story was over.

  2. I would love to read a version of Romeo and Juliet in narrative form. This sounds so good to me.

  3. You're so right, Amy - not nearly long enough!! The only consolation I had after reading this one was that I had 3 more Robin Maxwell books lined up to read, and now I have none! Great review :)

  4. Have to laugh at the Barry White comment....heh heh

  5. I was just gonna say the same thing as Marie...mellifluous? I love the sound of that!! Beautiful review Amy- couldn't get enough of the book either:)

  6. I absolutely love how she wrote Juliet - she was so strong willed. And I would have enjoyed even more details on their life and expeditions in Florence! Great review!

  7. Hey Amy, melliflous is one of my favorite words. It is a word that describes itself. A lovely word to describe O, JULIET. It was so different for me to write something so unabashedly romantic, but I loved every minute of it (except writing the ending, which made me cry). I'm so proud that this book is the focus of such a splendid event. THANK YOU!

  8. Somehow this review slipped right by me! I'm either senile or blind. Just saw it this minute. Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the HFRT's celebration of O, JULIET. The absolute nicest thing that's happened to me as an author. Feeling really blessed right now. Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Sending you hugs,

  9. O.K. girlfriend, melliflous what the heck? Just shows how illiterate I am :-). Loved the review hope your daughter is feeling better.

  10. Great Review Amy, I have to agree it was too short I wanted so much more but it had already given me so much. I LOVED IT!

  11. I love the word mellifluous.
    You don't see is used very often.
    Do you remember when the movie Romeo and Juliet came out...the one that stared Olivia Hussey?

    I can still hear the theme song - ah to be young and in love...without all the dying:-)

  12. melliflous= smooth and flowing, sweet

    Great review Amy!!!

    Too bad that everyone knows what happens in the end.. sad, very sad

  13. This does sound really good, great review!
    'a very pleasant and mellifluous read'-sounds great!

  14. Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to both the hot cocoa and reading the book.

  15. Fantastic review! I look forward to reading this book as it does sound fabulous. I have never read Romeo and Juliet but most definitely know the story. I am ever so curious to read about it in O'Juliet.


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