Announcing the next HF Bloggers Round Table event...O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell

This month for the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table we are spotlighting Robin Maxwell's new novel, O, Juliet!  And boy, have we got some goodies lined up for you!!

ABOUT THE BOOK: “One of the queens of historical fiction” offers a new take on the mesmerizing young woman and poetess who inspired Shakespeare’s most famous female character.

Before Juliet Capelletti lie two futures: a traditionally loveless marriage to her father’s business partner, or the fulfillment of her poetic dreams, inspired by the great Dante. Unlike her beloved friend Lucrezia, who looks forward to her arranged marriage into the Medici dyansty, Juliet has a wild, romantic imagination that takes flight in the privacy of her bedchamber and on her garden balcony.

Her life and destiny are forever changed when Juliet meets Romeo Monticecco, a soulful young man seeking peace between their warring families. A dreamer himself, Romeo is unstoppable, once he determines to capture the heart of the remarkable woman foretold in his stars. The breathless intrigue that ensues is the stuff of beloved legend. But those familiar with Shakespeare’s muse know only half the story…”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robin Maxwell is a screenwriter and the award winning author of eight historical novels, including: The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, The Queen’s Bastard, Virgin: Prelude to the Throne, The Wild Irish: A Novel of Elizabeth I and the Pirate O’Malley, To The Tower Born: A Novel of the Lost Princes, Mademoiselle Boleyn, and Signora da Vinci.  Her latest novel, O, Juliet releases in stores 2/2.  She is also a contributor to The Huffington Post, where she has written such articles as “The Swiftboating of Anne Boleyn”.  She resides in the high desert of California with her husband, yogi Max Thomas.  Visit her on her website or on her blog at

VISIT ROBIN’S BLOG TO PARTICIPATE IN THE O, JULIET LOVE GAMES! Robin hosts challenges and giveaways on her blog,  In Robin’s own words: “I think I can safely say that everyone wishes for love in her or his life, but there are too few safe places where this vital human emotion can be openly discussed. So with Romeo and Juliet as ‘guardian angels,’ my new blog will host the ‘O, JULIET Love Games,’ a forum where in coming months — through chats, challenges, giveaways and competitions — we will explore the way romance informs, defines and illuminates our lives.”  Head over there to participate in the Love Poetry Competition (the winner will receive a finished copy of O, Juliet and a beautiful leather-bound notebook), and the Words of Love Challenge (the winner will receive a finished copy of O, Juliet and a hand-blown glass heart necklace).

Can’t wait until 2/2 to get your fill of Romeo and Juliet?  Click the image below to read a sneak peek of this wonderfully heart-wrenching new novel!


Schedule of Events:

January 25th – Q&A with Robin Maxwell on the HFBRT, Lucy’s Book Review at Enchanted by Josephine, Allie’s Creative Post: “Romeo & Juliet in Art” at Hist-fic Chick, Arleigh’s Creative Post: "Versions of Romeo & Juliet Throughout History" at

January 26th – Amy’s Book Review at Passages to the Past, Lizzy’s Creative Post: “Romeo & Juliet Original Artwork by Elizabeth Johnson” at Historically Obsessed, and Susie’s Creative Post: “The Life of William Shakespeare Part I” at All Things Royal.

January 27th – Robin Maxwell Guest Post at Hist-fic Chick, Heather’s Creative Post: “Lucrezia Tournabouni” at The Maiden’s Court, Marie’s Book Review at The Burton Review.

January 28th – Lizzy’s Creative Post: “The Duel” at Historically Obsessed, and Susie’s Book Review at All Things Royal.

January 29th – Arleigh’s Book Review at, and Susie’s Creative Post: “The Life of William Shakespeare Part II” at All Things Royal.

January 30th – Heather’s Book Review at The Maiden’s Court, Marie’s Creative Post: "Tragic Romance in Literature" at The Burton Review, Allie’s Creative Post: “Romeo & Juliet in Fashion Photography” at Hist-fic Chick.

January 31st – Amy’s Creative Post: “Dante Alighieri” at Passages to the Past, Lizzy’s Book Review at Historically Obsessed.

February 1st – Q&A Survey Discussion on the HFBRT, Allie’s Book Review at Hist-fic Chick, Lucy’s Creative Post: “Verona” at Enchanted by Josephine, Susie’s Creative Post: “The Life of William Shakespeare Part III” at All Things Royal.

February 2nd – O, Juliet Book Release Date, Summary of Events at HFBRT.

I hope to see you all at our events!!




  1. Can't wait. You all do such and excellent job.

  2. This book sounds interesting. Went to Robin's site and linked to other historical fiction sites. Now I have several more of Robin's books I MUST read.


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