Cover Reveal: Love After Lasting by Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak

Today on the blog I am excited to share with you all the cover for the third book in the Bramley Hall Regency Romance series by authors Michelle Helen Fritz and E.A. Shanniak! It releases on July 14th and is now available for pre-order so be sure to see the link below.

Love After Lasting by Michelle Helen Fritz & E.A. Shanniak

Publication Date: July 14, 2022

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency
Series: Bramley Hall Regency Romance, Book 3

Miss Grace Buchanan has given up any hope of marrying. She's been too occupied raising her younger siblings while her drunkard father spends all of their funds. When a horrid sickness envelops the cottage, she meets the new Parson of Bramley, whom she's never forgotten. All she desires is an everlasting love, but with her family dynamics, it makes any sort of relationship a touch complex.

When tragedy is set to strike, Matthew Morten is called home suddenly. It's time for him to take his place as the parson of Bramley. With his meddling mother and a sickness that is sweeping through the town, Matthew has to lean on his faith to get him through. But when he sets eyes upon one industrious woman, he can't seem to keep her, nor her hazel eyes, far from his thoughts.

Will these two wounded souls find a Love Ever Lasting, or will responsibilities and family drama keep them forever apart?

Love Ever Lasting is a clean Regency Romance and the third book in a three-story series that will entertain and delight you with its swoon-worthy heroes and the compelling leading ladies that capture their hearts. Each book can be read as a standalone, but are best read in release order.

Available for Pre-Order

About the Authors

Michelle Helen Fritz
was born and raised in Maryland and Arizona with lots of traveling throughout the States. She began her literary career as a personal assistant to Indie authors and loves to see the process of an idea turn into a finished book. Michelle loves to write about dashing heroes, and the compelling women that tempt them, with a dash of intrigue, an abundant amount of romance, and scenes that hopefully make her reader’s swoon. She is the mother of four children whom she homeschools and currently resides in Maryland with her own jaunty hero who makes all of her dreams come true.

Author Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram

E.A. (Ericka Ashlee) Shanniak
is the author of the successful fantasy romance series – A Castre World Novel. She is hobbit-sized, barely reaching over five feet tall on a good day. When she wears her Georgia Romeo’s not only does she gain an inch, she is then able to reach the kitchen cabinets. Ericka loves to write at her desk that her daughter’s cat destroyed. Fortunately for everyone, she can see over it.

Ericka resides in the small town of Coldwater, Kansas with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two grumpy cats. The cats were her kids’ idea.

Author Facebook Page | Instagram

Interview & Giveaway: We Shall Not Shatter by Elaine Stock

Hello dear readers & Happy Monday! Today on the blog I am super excited to be hosting Author Elaine Stock, who is currently on a Blog Tour for We Shall Not Shatter! It's been getting great reviews so far and I hope you enjoy getting to know Elaine. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a copy of the book + a $15 Amazon gift card!

Hello Elaine and welcome to Passages to the Past! Thanks so much for stopping by today to talk about We Shall Not Shatter!

Thank you, Amy, for hosting me on your lovely blog and for all of your support behind We Shall Not Shatter.

To begin, can you please tell us a little about yourself and your writing?

It’s so funny, but I must share that, at least for me, it’s easier to write a 300-something page novel than it is to talk about myself… Ever since I could recall, I’ve enjoyed creating stories. I’m sure having a mother who always read novels—while she wasn’t taking me weekly to the library—and an aunt who loved to orally tell stories deeply influenced my love of storytelling. In fact, during my school years, while others my age did kid-like pastimes, I enjoyed staying home and writing. Although I jumped from hobby writing to wanting to write for publication in my late 20s, it took several decades, navigating around “life,” to become a published author. After a false start in the romance genre, I did publish in Inspirational Fiction, though I discovered that I just didn’t have the right voice or interest to pursue it. Having devoured many historical fiction novels, and with We Shall Not Shatter’s premise brewing to the point of having to share it, I (carefully) leapt into the historical fiction genre, blended with women’s fiction, and know now that this is my true writing-home.

What inspired you to write We Shall Not Shatter?

There are a lot of mysteries in my family, due to unfortunate circumstances such as the passing of my grandfather before my father was born. Sadly, with his death, also went the answers to much of my roots. What I knew was that my grandfather was one of a handful of siblings that accompanied his parents when they emigrated from Brzeziny Poland, arriving at Ellis Island on July 4, 1914 and permitted into the country the next day. He arrived on one of the last passenger ships allowed to cross the Atlantic before WWI broke out… makes me shudder to think what might have happened if my family remained behind in Poland. That said, though my grandfather was able to hear, he had several deaf siblings. At that time, deafness was seen by many countries as a liability and a socio-economic risk to those already living in the country. Fortunately, the younger deaf children circumvented the health inspections that likely would have rejected them. However, the oldest child who was deaf—my great aunt who was a young teen—wasn’t permitted into the country and remained in Brzeziny where, as a Jew and deaf and deemed as sub-human by the Nazis, she perished in the Holocaust, along with older relatives.

My great aunt inspired my character Aanya, though Aanya is totally fictional. My novel is not autobiographical, but instead is my attempt at a tribute to what Brzeziny had once been like, as well as to the strong spirit of my family.

What would you like readers to take away from reading We Shall Not Shatter?

I hope the story uplifts and encourages readers to cling to their hope and determination to persevere during troubling times, that family and friendship is precious, and to make a good home wherever life places you.

What was your favorite scene to write?

I have two, actually. First, is when Artur learns of Aanya’s deafness. And without giving it away (no peeking!), the very ending. Oh, I also enjoyed writing Zofia’s encounter with a stranger while she sailed on the St. Louis.

What was the most difficult scene to write?

While I can’t really say “difficult,” I will admit to getting teary-eyed through some of what my characters had to experience by both the hands of what they thought were once good people and by the Nazi hands.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Definitely a pantser! In the past, whenever I tried to outline and plot my stories, they failed miserably. I think it’s because I like to have the story and its characters dictate to me what direction it should go. For me, it’s just more fun that way.

What has been your greatest challenge as a writer? Have you been able to overcome it?

Research. I was too intimidated by it. Although writing contemporary fiction does call for research, historical fiction demands researched accuracy that many fiction readers look forward to reading—and they know when something is amiss. I had thought wrongly that this research would overwhelm me and it kept me away for too many years of writing the genre that I loved reading. Lesson learned: make my research fun! And, it is.

Who are your writing inspirations?

I’m not so sure I have author inspirations so much as having learned from these two: Danielle Steele’s earlier novels and Jodi Picoult. Both have taught me some distinct techniques, Ms. Steele on the art of storytelling and structure, and Ms. Picoult on packing a punch in characters’ emotions and timing it within sentence placement.

What was the first historical novel you read?

I’m not sure of the very first historical novel I read, but I will say that John Jakes’ The Bastard series (Kent Family Chronicles) hooked me solidly on historical fiction.

What are three things people may not know about you?

I sense that people often misjudge my quietness and aloofness to “having an attitude,” but rather, I’m a big introvert. Yet, get me around books and the topic of writing, and I’m flying a kite high in the air and can’t stop. LOL. I am not a fashionista, much preferring baggy pants and a sweatshirt. And, I love classical music and show tunes (because I also love watching movie musicals).

What appeals to you most about your chosen genre?

Life is a mystery full of so much good battling against so much bad, and at any given moment throughout the day, both worldwide and within one’s own personal life. I’ve learned so much about this thing called life and how others have not only survived but thrived from reading both historical fiction and non-fiction that I’ve benefitted from. I’m an optimistic person by heart and hope I can encourage others to thrive as well.

What historical time period do you gravitate towards the most with your personal reading?

Easy answer: WWII. There’s something extraordinary about the resilience of humankind against the backdrop of the opposite—evil—that I find encouraging and can apply in my everyday life.

What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

In addition to reading, I enjoy walking (living in a rural area has some advantages!), discovering new independent bookstores and cafes, and exploring quaint towns with my husband.

Lastly, what are you working on next?

I just wrapped up Book 2 of the Resilient Women of WWII, Our Daughters’ Last Hope, which will release on September 19th of 2022 and am writing Book 3, When We Disappeared.

I can't wait for that one! Thank you for stopping by today, Elaine!


We Shall Not Shatter by Elaine Stock

Publication Date: May 15, 2022
Amsterdam Publishers

Genre: Historical Fiction

An unforgettable story of friendship, family and hope as two courageous young women face one of history’s most horrific tragedies.

Brzeziny, Poland, 1939 Zofia’s comfortable-lifestyle overturns when her husband, Jabez, who monitors Nazi activity, has gone missing. Rather than fleeing the country with her young son, as she had promised Jabez who is fearing retaliation, she decides to stay. She cannot possibly leave her friend, Aanya. Since their childhood they have amazed fellow Brzeziners that it does not matter that Aanya is Jewish and deaf, and that Zofia is Catholic and hearing. Now, more than ever with war looming, Zofia will do whatever is necessary to protect her family and Aanya.

As both love and war approach their Polish town, Zofia and Aanya must make choices that will change the meaning of family, home, and their precious friendship. The journey, decisions and the no-going-back consequences the women face will either help them to survive—or not—as Hitler’s Third Reich revs up its control of the world.

Inspired by the author’s paternal heritage from Brzeziny, this is a heartbreaking yet beautiful story of two women who are determined to remain united in friendship and to live freely despite the odds.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Look for the Audio Book of all 3 books of the Resilient Women of WWII Trilogy to be released by Tantor Media, part of Recorded Books. They will be sold in both downloadable Digital formats, as well as CD audiobooks and will be sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, independent bookstores, and most any other of your favorite venues.


"For anyone who loved 'All the Light We Cannot See' by Anthony Doerr, this is another beautiful journey of not just one woman's story through the turbulent times of Nazi Germany, but two. A story which will touch your heart, and perhaps bring a few tears to wipe away, showing how love does indeed break barriers and sees beyond human labels and disabilities. You will absolutely fall in love with Zofia and Aanya, and how strong friendships were forged in the heat of oppression from Hitler's Germany despite their different faiths."
-- Historical Fiction Company

"Drawing from her own family's history, author Elaine Stock has created a compelling story of enduring friendship, heart wrenching sacrifice, and resilient strength. While set during one of the darkest moments on history's stage, We Shall Not Shatter's themes—conveyed through characters who will inhabit your heart—have much to say to readers in today's world, too."
— Carrie Schmidt,

"Elaine Stock's novel, We Shall Not Shatter, the first of a promised trilogy, Resilient Women of WWII, is a poignant and heartfelt tale of perseverance, of friendship across boundaries, of making families in different ways, of horror and of healing. In the characters of Zofia and Aanya, and the families they make and lose in their native Poland, the barbarities of war, the added peril of Aanya's deafness, and their harrowing escape, the story is offset by the plot strands of Christians helping Jews, Germans helping Poles, hearing people cherishing the strength of the deaf, and the deaf healing others. This is a story not only of resilience, but of the victory of love and friendship over pain and suffering."
— Barbara Stark-Nemon, author of the award-winning novels, Even in Darkness and Hard Cider, Speech-language therapist and Teacher Consultant for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

"We Shall Not Shatter is a compelling novel, inspired by real-life events in Brzeziny, Poland that so dramatically changed the fortunes of both a close-knit Jewish family and a Catholic family during the Hitler years. Elaine Stock's poignant narrative charts the despair, confusion and sheer will to survive during this terrible period in modern European history. This is a story that oozes tragedy, hope, love and courage in the face of adversity."
— Ron Vincent, author of The House on Thrömerstrasse: A Story of Rebirth and Renewal in the Wake of the Holocaust

"The story and its characters will linger in the reader’s heart for days... perhaps forever."
— Patricia Bradley, Author of the Logan Point Series, Memphis Cold Case Novels, Natchez Trace Park Ranger Series

"We Shall Not Shatter takes readers on a rare journey of life-tested relationships and uncompromising courage. Stock brilliantly creates a time and place that is terrible and heartbreaking only to reveal the beauty that awaits on the other side of devastation. This story will stay with you long after the last page is turned."
— London Clarke, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Wildfell and The Meadows

About the Author


Elaine Stock writes Historical Fiction, exploring home, family and friendships throughout time. She enjoys creating stories showing how all faiths, races, and belief systems are interconnected and need each other.

Elaine’s grandparents, on both sides of her family, narrowly escaped World War II by immigrating from Poland and Austria to the US. Fascinated by the strong will of people to overcome the horrors from this era, she wrote We Shall Not Shatter, Book 1 of the Resilient Women of WWII Trilogy inspired by her deaf great aunt who was left behind as a teenager in Poland and perished in the Holocaust, while her other deaf siblings were permitted to enter the US when their young ages helped them to circumvent medically-revealing exams. Other extended family members also remained in Poland to lose their lives in the Holocaust.

Although multi-published in award-winning Inspirational Fiction, and a past blogger and online magazine contributor, Elaine now pens novels for the General reading audience. She is a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association and The Historical Novel Society. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she has now been living in upstate, rural New York with her husband for more years than her stint as a city gal. She enjoys long walks down country roads, visiting New England towns, and of course, a good book.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon

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The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on May 31st. You must be 18 or older to enter.

We Shall Not Shatter

Review & Giveaway: A Deadly Legacy by Malia Zaidi

A Deadly Legacy by Malia Zaidi

Publication Date: March 15, 2022
Paperback & eBook

Genre: Historical Mystery
Series: A Lady Evelyn Mystery, Book 6

A few months after the Carlisle Detective Agency opened its doors, Lady Evelyn and her partner, Hugh, are twiddling their thumbs. The cases are slow to trickle in, leaving the detectives feeling uninspired. So, when Evelyn's Aunt Louise asks her to join the local chapter of the Women's Institute, she has no excuse to decline the invitation. Yet what she expects to be a tedious gathering, turns out to be anything but. She meets former suffragettes and outspoken women, eager for change, forcing Evelyn to reexamine her own prejudices. A decidedly less welcome surprise is the body she comes across only a few days later. Evelyn need hardly be a professional detective to recognize a murder when she sees one. Amid planning her wedding and navigating family affairs, she sets out to solve the case. The investigation takes Evelyn and Hugh into the past, examining the war years, which left the present far from untarnished. Is the victim's history connected to her death? Could her involvement in the war have given someone a motive for murder? The questions pile up, and Evelyn and Hugh must race against the clock to discover the truth, before more lives are lost, not least, their own…

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books-a-Million | IndieBound | Target | Walmart



"A detective's greatest challenge lies not in solving a crime, rather in honing her patience."

I love when a book has a strong opening, one that immediately grabs your attention and this book had just that! It was a dramatic and foreboding scene that makes you wonder just how in the world they ended up in that situation. So of course I had to read on to find out just that.

Evie has just opened up The Carlisle Detective Agency with her partner, Hugh, and is recently engaged to her fiance, David. The agency is a little slow with cases so when she is invited to attend a chapter meeting of the Women's Institute where women gather to help other women and to further the cause of women's rights, she accepts. When one of the members is found murdered she and Hugh investigate the case.

As this is a mystery novel I don't want to give too much away. I can say that I really enjoyed following Evie and Hugh as they navigate the investigation. This is the sixth book in the series so while I missed a lot of backstories, I don't feel that it hindered my enjoyment of the book. I would definitely like to go back and start at the beginning though because it's a great cast of characters! And I'd also love to see Evie's growth as an amateur sleuth.

The writing flows well and is an easy read and the author's knowledge of the time and setting shines through the pages. If you're looking for a fun historical mystery that will entertain and intrigue you, then you should definitely pick up A Deadly Legacy!

About the Author

Malia Zaidi is the author of The Lady Evelyn Mysteries. She studied at the University of Pittsburgh and at the University of Oxford. Having grown up in Germany, she currently lives in Washington DC, though through her love of reading, she resides vicariously (if temporarily) in countries around the world.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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Enter to win all 6 books in the Lady Evelyn Mystery series!

Book One: A Poisonous Journey
Book Two: A Darker Shore
Book Three: The Study of Silence
Book Four: The Golden Hour
Book Five: The Quality of Mercy
Book Six: A Deadly Legacy

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on June 9th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

A Deadly Legacy

Cover Reveal: The Sign of the Weeping Virgin by Alana White

I am so excited to share the wonderful new cover for The Sign of the Weeping Virgin! Now in paperback for the first time! Isn't it dramatic and atmospheric? I love it!

You can enter to win a paperback below, so be sure to throw your name in the hat!

The Sign of the Weeping Virgin by Alana White

Paperback Publication Date: May 2, 2022

Series: The Guid’Antonio Vespucci Mysteries, Book 1
Genre: Historical Mystery/Fiction

Florence, 1480: Guid’Antonio Vespucci is back in town. One man. One clue. One last chance to save the Republic.

Florentine investigator Guid’Antonio Vespucci returns to Italy from a government mission to find his dreams of peace shattered. Marauding Turks have abducted a young girl and sold her into slavery. Equally disturbing, a revered painting of the Virgin Mary is weeping in Guid’Antonio’s family church. Are the tears manmade or a sign of God’s displeasure with Guid’Antonio himself?

In a finely wrought story for lovers of medieval and renaissance mysteries everywhere‚ Guid’Antonio follows a spellbinding trail of clues to uncover the thought-provoking truth about the missing girl and the weeping painting’s mystifying tears‚ all pursued as he comes face to face with his own personal demons.

“Color, intrigue, and elegant prose bring the 15th-century City of Flowers to life.” —Brenda Rickman Vantrease, Bestselling Author of The Illuminator and A Far Horizon." -Historical Novels Review Editor’s Choice

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound

About the Author

Alana White is the author of the Guid’Antonio mystery series set in Renaissance Florence, Italy. The next title in the series, The Hearts of All on Fire, is coming soon. Like Guid’Antonio, Alana loves dogs. While he dwells in 15th-Century Florence with his brave cane corso Italiano, Alana currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, their cat, and two boisterous schnauzer boys.

For more information, please visit Alana White's website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

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Enter to win a paperback copy of The Sign of the Weeping Virgin by Alana White!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on May 13th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Weeping Virgin Paperback Cover Reveal

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