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Albanese, Laurie & Morowitz, Lauren ~ The Miracles of Prato
Ashworth, Elizabeth ~ The de Lacy Inheritance
Aylmer, Janet ~ Julia and the Master of Morancourt

Bagwell, Gillian ~ The Darling Strumpet
Barnes, Margaret Campbell ~ King's Fool
Barnes, Margaret Campbell ~ My Lady of Cleves
Barnes, Margaret Campbell ~ The Tudor Rose
Barnes, Margaret Campbell ~ The Passionate Brood 
Barnes, Margaret Campbell ~ Mary of Carisbrooke 
Benjamin, Melanie ~ Alice, I Have Been
Blevins, Christine ~ The Tory Widow
Bogdan, D.L. ~ Rivals in the Tudor Court 
Borghese, Lorenzo ~ The Princess of Nowhere
Borodale, Jane ~ The Book of Fires
Brooks, Geraldine ~ Year of Wonders

  Carroll, Leslie ~ Notorious Royal Marriages
Carroll, Leslie ~ Royal Affairs
Carroll, Leslie ~ Royal Pains 
Carroll, Susan ~ Twilight of a Queen
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ A Place Beyond Courage
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ The Greatest Knight
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ The Marsh King's Daughter
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ The Time of Singing
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ For the King's Favor
Chadwick, Elizabeth ~ The Scarlet Lion 
Corona, Lauren ~ Penelope's Daughter
Cowell, Stephanie ~ Claude & Camille 
Cross, Donna Woolfolk ~ Pope Joan

De Lisle, Leanda ~ The Sisters Who Would Be Queen 
Delaney, Frank ~ The Matchmaker of Kenmare
Delors, Catherine ~ For the King
Donnelly, Jennifer ~ The Tea Rose
 Donnelly, Jennifer ~ The Winter Rose
Donnelly, Jennifer ~ Revolution
DuMaurier, Daphne ~ My Cousin Rachel

 Elliott, Anna ~ Twilight of Avalon
Furnivall, Kate ~ The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Gardner, Laurien ~ Plain Jane
Goldstone, Nancy ~ Four Queens
Gortner, C.W. ~ The Last Queen
Gortner, C.W. ~ The Confessions of Catherine de Medici
Gortner, C.W. ~ The Tudor Secret (Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles) 

Haeger, Diane ~ The Queen's Mistake
Haeger, Diane ~ The Queen's Rival
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia ~ The Founding (Book One, The Morland Dynasty)
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia ~ The Dark Rose (Book Two, The Morland Dynasty) 
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia ~ The Princeling (Book Three, The Morland Dynasty)
Heyer, Georgette ~ Behold, Here's Poison
Heyer, Georgette ~ Faro's Daughter
Heyer, Georgette ~ Frederica
Heyer, Georgette ~ Lady of Quality
Heyer, Georgette ~ The Conqueror
Higginbotham, Susan ~ Hugh & Bess
Higginbotham, Susan ~ The Traitor's Wife
Higginbotham, Susan ~ The Stolen Crown
Higginbotham, Susan ~ The Queen of Last Hopes 
Holland, Cecelia ~ Great Maria 
Hollick, Helen ~ The Kingmaking (Book One, Pendragon's Banner Trilogy)
Hollick, Helen ~ Shadow of the King (Book Three, Pendragon's Banner Trilogy)
Hollick, Helen ~ The Forever Queen

Irwin, Margaret ~ Young Bess

Johns, R. Scot ~ The Saga of Beowulf

Kalogridis, Jeanne ~ The Borgia Bride
Kaplan, Mitchell James ~ By Fire, By Water 
King, Susan Fraser ~ Queen Hereafter
Kloester, Jennifer ~ Georgette Heyer's Regency World 
Koen, Karleen ~ Now Face to Face
Koen, Karleen ~ Through A Glass Darkly
Kyle, Barbara ~ The Queen's Captive

Laker, Rosalind ~ The Venetian Mask
Lee, Emery ~ The Highest Stakes 
Lofts, Norah ~ The Concubine
Loupas, Elizabeth ~ The Second Duchess

Maitland, Karen ~ Company of Liars
Maxwell, Robin ~ O, Juliet
Maxwell, Robin ~ Signora da Vinci
Miles, Rosalind ~ I, Elizabeth
Moran, Michelle ~ The Heretic Queen
Morin, Donna Russo ~ The Secret of the Glass 
Morin, Donna Russo ~ To Serve a King 
Murphy, Caroline P. ~ The Murder of a Medici Princess

Plaidy, Jean ~ Katherine of Aragon
Plaidy, Jean ~ The Reluctant Queen

Quinn, Kate ~ Mistress of Rome

Raybourn, Deanna ~ Dark Road to Darjeeling

Sankaran, Vanitha ~ Watermark
Scott, Susan Holloway ~ The Countess and The King
Selinko, Annemarie ~ Desiree
Sharratt, Mary ~ Daughters of the Witching Hill 
Smith, Anne Easter ~ The King's Grace
Summerscale, Kate ~ The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Swift, Deborah ~ The Lady's Slipper

Trent, Christine ~ A Royal Likeness

Waldherr, Kris ~ Doomed Queens
Ware, Ciji ~ Island of the Swans
Ware, Ciji ~ A Cottage by the Sea
Ware, Ciji ~ Wicked Company 
Watson, Jules ~ The Swan Maiden
Watson, Jules ~ The Raven Queen 
Weir, Alison ~ The War of the Roses
Westin, Jeanne ~ The Virgin's Daughters
Willig, Lauren ~ The Orchid Affair (Book #7 Pink Carnation Series)
Worth, Sandra ~ The King's Daughter
Worth, Sandra ~ Pale Rose of England

Young, Michelle Ann ~ The Lady Flees Her Lord

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