Review: The Heretic Queen

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with Egypt.  My mom would buy me books with pictures of Egypt; the pyramids and artifacts and I would just eat it up!  I'm not sure what's behind all the fascination, but I like to think that maybe I was there in another life.

Michelle Moran brings me back home in The Heretic Queen.  It is a tale of Nefertari, who was hailed as the Warrior Queen by the people in Egypt and was known for her knowledge of 8 languages.  Nefertari was the Chief Wife to Rameses II (Rameses the Great) and it was truly a love match.  The Heretic Queen follows the life of Nefertari as she becomes one of the most well-known Queens of Egypt.

This is a story filled with passion, deception, intrigue, adventure and best of all, love.  And we all know...all you need is love!  Rameses and Nefertari were very much in love, and it shows by the passage Rameses had written on her burial chamber wall:  "My love is unique and none can rival her...Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart."

This is a fantastic novel that I recommend to anyone!  Moran is an excellent writer and can pull you right into the story...right into Egypt...smell the incense....taste the pomegrante wine.  This is a book where you can just disappear into another world for hours on end and not ever want to leave.  This is the kind of book that gets me in trouble because I tune out/ignore everything and everyone around me!

I am so excited for her next book, Cleopatra's Daughter, which is about Cleopatra's children with Marc Antony.  The release date is September 15, 2009.

Rating:  5/5

Here is a picture of Nefertari:


  1. I really want to read this, considering how much I loved Nefertiti, but I can't find a copy of it in stores and I'm leaving too soon to buy it from Amazon. Thanks for the great review, although now I just want to read it more!

  2. Okay, so I'm starting Nefertiti tomorrow and then it will be The Heretic Queen. I'm thinking maybe I should make sure someone is around to watch the kids in case I get "lost"! Is it wrong to hire a sitter so one can read uninterrupted?

  3. Wow. That sounds really good! I am not big into Egyptian history... I bet this would get me started ;)

  4. I too was a big Egyptophile as a child and wanted to be an Egyptologist until my father reminded me I'd be too terrified of going into cursed tombs.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous book. Moran is an amazing author--her first book was Nefertiti. I thought it was great too, but the Heretic Queen is my favorite. It's beautifully written.

    Erika Mailman
    in paperback Oct. 7 from Three Rivers Press
    "A gripping, well-told story of faith and truth."
    -- Khaled Hosseini


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