Two weeks seems like an eternity!

October 7th cannot come fast enough!

Sharon Kay Penman releases her long-awaited last book for the Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine series!  Are you waiting as patiently impatiently as I am?

P.S.  I think we all should chip in some money and find a cure for Mono so that Sharon can just worry about writing more wonderfully captivating stories!  Who's in?


  1. This book is my #1 anticipated book of 2008! I'm sooooo jealous of all those readers who got arc's of this one! So I pre-ordered from Amazon and I think they're pretty good about getting it on your doorstep the day of release (at least they did that for the last Harry Potter book!).

    Maybe we should pre-write a bunch of posts so we can hole up with the book that week. :)

  2. I am in!

    I too am jealous of all those people who got ARCs until I remember that I haven't read Time and Chance yet. Must get reading!

  3. Michele - I think I am going to call in sick that day! Yep...feel a little bit of a cold starting..hehe!

  4. Marg - yes, yes you must! Only 12 more days!


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