Review: The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

It’s very rare in Hollywood where the sequel is as good or better than the original…but not so in the literary world!  Jennifer Donnelly hits one out of the park with her follow-up to The Tea Rose.  In The Winter Rose we are taken back to London at the turn of the 20th Century and meet back up with Fiona and Joe and now, their children.  Fiona still has her Tea business and Joe has decided to take up politics in order to help the working class from whence he came from.

The other heroine of the book is India Jones, an independent young woman who has just graduated from Medical School and has dreams of opening a hospital for the poor women and children of Whitechaple.  She soon crosses paths with Sid Malone and thus begins their relationship.

Fiona’s brother, Seamie has returned to London after leaving school – he has hopes of being an adventurer.  I really liked reading about Seamie and his adventures – I hope there is more of him in the next novel.

In The Winter Rose, we travel to London, Africa, Kilimanjaro and eventually California where the novel ends in the best, most romantic way ever!  Get your tissues ladies!

Donnelly is working on the third novel titled The Wild Rose, but there is not yet a release date.  I’m not a very patient person, but I am sure this will be well worth the wait.

Thanks for the beautiful story Jennifer!

Overall:  5/5


  1. Yay! I loved this one more than The Tea Rose as well. I have been waiting for 2 years for The Wild Rose so far, and it is fair to say that I am waiting very impatiently!

  2. This is great news, Amy! I enjoyed the Tea Rose, but not enough to immediately pick up The Winter Rose. Now this has made a huge leap up in my TBR pile. Thanks for your great review and letting me know about it!!!


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