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  1. Favorably reviewed by Kirkus as well as Alexander Hamilton's fifth-generation grandson, Hamilton's Choice is a new novel that chronicles the last few years of the life of Alexander Hamilton - a heart wrenching saga of stubborn pride and a code of 'honor' versus the duty he owed his family and the woman he loves.

    Honor did not require Hamilton to accept Burr’s challenge to his fatal duel. He’d come close to dueling seven times before—twice with Aaron Burr—but always talked his way out. So why, with his political future never more promising, a new home just built and a loving family of eight to support would Alexander Hamilton choose to face Burr’s pistol at ten paces?

    Hamilton’s Choice is a tale of treachery, political intrigue, and gut-wrenching drama as an American hero is torn between love for his family and his commitment to his country. Author Jack Casey graduated with honors from Yale University and Albany Law School, and has studied literature at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities. I am requesting that you allow him a review or a guest blog.


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