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  1. Hi!

    I just wanted you to know that Jessica Fortunato and I are hosting a blog hop to celebrate Alice Hoffman's birthday on March 16. We are hoping to create a place for her fans to connect with each other and gush over her writing.

    If you are interested please visit the page and sign up with the linky.

    We'd love to have you,
    Have a great weekend ,


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  3. Amy,
    I'm sitting on 20 or so foreign editions of Through A Glass Darkly and Now Face to Face that my former agent sent when they did a little housekeeping. Any interest in helping me distribute them?

    Karleen Koen

  4. Good Morning. My name is D.R. Pedraza and I am the author of The Solomon Chronicles Series of novels. My newest was just released and I wanted to offer readers of Passages to The Past a 40% off discount code.

    Simply go to:
    and enter code K49LQH8W

    Enjoy and thanks for supporting Independent Artists!

  5. We have a great course in Writing Historical Fiction coming up here at City Lit on the 12th and 13th of July taught by the well regarded author Hilary Green.

    The link here explains more:

    Mark Isherwood

    Head of Creative and Non-Fiction Writing, City Lit

  6. I have a historical novel I wish to have reviewed. It is; The Carpenter and The Sailor, Book One of Father Serra's Legacy.

    I see you don't take unsolicited works so how do I pique your interest?

  7. Lori Baker's novel, The Glass Ocean, set in Victorian England, will be the subject of a LitChat at 4 pm EST on Wednesday, 3 September. The conversation can be followed via: or by becoming a follower of Lori Baker through Twitter: lori1baker1 -- for moe details, see

    John Banville wrote: "The Glass Ocean is that rarest of things, a historical novel, or at least a novel set in history, that is also a work of art. Lori Baker is a captivating story-teller, and her prose has the flash and fire of molten glass."

    For a review of Lori's book, see:

  8. Hello, My name if Kitty Sutton and I am the author of a series of three books. The series is called, Mysteries From the Trail of Tears. The third in the series is about to be released in November. The books are Native American Historical Fiction Mysteries and cover Indian Territory just after the Trail of Tears. How may I be placed on your list of books to be reviewed? Thanks Kitty Sutton


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