Review: Behold, Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer


Rating:  4/5
When Gregory Matthews, patriarch of the Poplars is found dead one morning, imperious Aunt Harriet blames it on the roast duck he ate for supper, after all, she had warned him about his blood pressure. But a post-mortem determines that the cause of death is much more sinister. Murder by poison. Suspicion falls immediately amongst his bitter, quarrelsome family. Each has a motive; each, opportunity. It falls to Superintendent Hannasyde to sift through all the secrets and lies and discover just who killed Gregory Matthews, before the killer strikes again...
Most of you are aware of my love for Georgette Heyer, so it's probably no surprise that I couldn't resist trying out one of her mystery novels.  And let me tell you, I was not disappointed!  I do believe that this woman could make a grocery list read witty!

Behold, Here's Poison is an entertaining little murder mystery with a "Clue" sort of vibe to it.  The characters are a little wacky, but in a delightful and amusing way.  There's the outrageously thrifty Miss Matthews, moocher extraordinaire Mrs. Matthews and her spawn...and then there's Mr. Randall Matthews, newly made head of the family.  I fell in love with his quick tongue and smart remarks...made me laugh out loud a few times, drawing odd looks from my husband!

Thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read such a great book!  I truly enjoyed it and I think you will too!



  1. Amy,
    Have you taken a speed reading course or just a quick reader??!
    Wish I could get through them like you do! My TBR pile is too high already.
    Thanks for another recommendation.

  2. Hi Amy:) I'm such a book glutton (as we previously discussed...)and so I'm trying to control this book thing ...
    Would you believe I've never read anything by Georgette Heyer? I'm really getting tempted. She seems to be all the rave these days. Thanks for another great review:)

  3. Great review. This sounds like a really interesting mystery book :)

  4. I'm still desperately trying to fit in my first Heyer book (The Conqueror is the only one I own). But if I see this one, I'd like to add it to my list, based purely on your description!

  5. I love Georgette Heyer and have never read one of the mysteries. Nice to know they are as good as the rest!

  6. I haven't read a Heyer mystery yet so I'll have to. I love any book that can have me laughing out loud too. Isn't this a great cover on the new edition? I love it.

  7. Amy, you've made my day with this post! As you already know, I LOVE Georgette Heyer's histories. I am so happy to hear that her mysteries are just as good! P.S. Have you gotten around to reading Heyer's Cotillion yet?

  8. No, I haven't read any Heyer yet, but I promise I will before the end of this year. I just love the covers of her books.
    Good review Amy!

  9. I'm a G. Heyer fan too, she won me over with Frederica.
    great review, glad to hear this one was good too.


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