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US Release Date:  December 8, 2009
SYNOPSIS:  One of the most legendary figures in medieval history,Richard the Lionhearted led his knights onto the Saracen battlefields, inspired by a vision of the Holy Land. In The Lute Player, Lofts paints her portrait of the Soldier-King as he launches the Third Crusade. During the years of fighting and intrigue, King Richard’s life was intertwined with two strong women who loved him, Berengaria, Princess of Navarre, and his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. While his union with Berengaria was ill-fated, his mother loved her son with a frantic, possessive pride. In trademark Norah Lofts’s style, it is the ones usually left behind the scenes who take center stage to tell the stories of famous figures. In The Lute Player, Blondel, the minstrel whose life was constantly linked to that of the King, steps forward to tell a tale of romance, war, and betrayal. Along with Blondel, Berengaria, and her hunchbacked sister help to bring Richard the Lionhearted to life, as Lofts paints a complex and human portrait of a legendary king.

US Release Date:  September 8, 2009
SYNOPSIS:  Meet the Plantagenets. Like the Tudors, they live high and love passionately, but this family story is set against the backdrop of The War of the Roses, pitting brother against brother, for the throne of England.
Now Philippa Gregory, master chronicler of British royal history, brings this family drama to life through the lives of  its women, beginning with the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen.


US Release Date:  October 6, 2009
SYNOPSIS:  When the young and beautiful Catherine Howard becomes the fifth wife of the fifty-year-old King Henry VIII, she seems to be on top of the world. Yet her reign is destined to be brief and heartbreaking, as she is forced to do battle with enemies far more powerful and calculating than she could have ever anticipated in a court where one wrong move could mean her undoing. Wanting only love, Catherine is compelled to deny her heart’s desire in favor of her family’s ambition. But in so doing, she unwittingly gives those who sought to bring her down a most effective weapon—her own romantic past. The Queen’s Mistake is the tragic tale of one passionate and idealistic woman who struggles to negotiate the intrigue of the court and the yearnings of her heart.



  1. Although I find myself wondering if PG will ever have a book released that doesn't boldly proclaim "Author of The Other Boleyn Girl" across the front, I do admit to a morbid curiosity as to how she will treat Elizabeth Woodville. Hmmmm.....should be entertaining.

  2. I have been waiting for some info on the White Queen, but all three of these books sound very interesting. TBR list!

  3. Some interesting releases. Great post ^_^

  4. All three going on my wish list. I can't believe there is another PG so soon!


  5. Thank you for your comments and so happy to have a return visit as I love historical novels so looks like I hit the right place. Will come back for a longer visit this week.

  6. YUCK on that PG Cover. I just don't like that face, it would have been so much better for a headless cover like usual :)
    Yes I know I should be shaking my head... yet I too shall read this PG book. *sigh* I just hope it's not a wall banger.

  7. I'll pass on the PG novel. Her last one was horrible. I'll wait to see what the reviews are. The Queen's Mistake looks interesting, as it paints her in a sympathetic view.

  8. I'll have to try the PG book just to see what she does with Woodville - although I'm going to guess there's going to be plenty of witchcraft and hanky panky going on. That cover is the pits though.

    I read The Lute Player and found it very meh, but then Richard and Berengeria are pretty meh too - I think Penman will be the one to make those two and the travels to the crusades really interesting.

  9. All sound good. I am waiting for my review copy form Simon and Schuster UK. I am supposed to review it for them. I am so excited

  10. Good list. Man PG churns them out quickly.

  11. I really should read Diane Haeger. I have a few books by her on my TBR pile!


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