Review: A Royal Likeness by Christine Trent

by Christine Trent

Release Date:  December 28, 2010
Kensington Publishing

SYNOPSIS:  As heiress to the famous Laurent Fashion Dolls business, Marguerite Ashby's future seems secure. But France still seethes with violence in the wake of the Revolution. And when Marguerite's husband is killed during a riot, the young widow travels to Edinburgh and becomes apprentice to her old friend, Marie Tussaud, who has established a wax exhibition. When Prime Minister William Pitt commissions a wax figure of Admiral Nelson, Marguerite becomes immersed in a dangerous adventure - and earns the admiration of two very different men. And as Britain battles to overthrow Napoleon, Marguerite will find her loyalties under fire from all sides. With a masterful eye for details, Christine Trent brings one of history's most fascinating eras to life in of a story of desire, ambition, treachery, and courage.

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MY REVIEW: In Christine Trent’s sophomore release, A Royal Likeness, readers meet up again with Marguerite Ashby, niece to Claudette from Trent’s first novel, The Queen’s Dollmaker. Marguerite now owns the doll shop Claudette made famous, but when tragedy strikes she retreats to her aunt’s home to nurse her wounds. To help Marguerite conquer her grief and move on with her life, Claudette suggests that Marguerite join her friend Marie Tussaud and become her apprentice in the wax modeling business.

During her time as Tussaud’s assistant, Marguerite learns the intricate art of creating wax sculptures as they travel throughout Great Britain, running the exhibition and sculpting various members of the aristocracy. When her skills as a wax sculptor are in need to aid the English against the invading Napoleon, she accepts the assignment and ends up participating in what is known now as the Battle of Trafalgar.

All in all, A Royal Likeness is a fun read, complete with treacherous sea crossings, scheming businessmen and political intrigue, plus a dash of romance. It’s about losing love and finding it again and the endurance of the human spirit after tragedy occurs. I highly recommend!

For more information, please visit Christine Trent's WEBSITE.

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received this book for review from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.



  1. Christine Trent's books are always a delight to read! With a little bit of everything, how could you go wrong! Glad you enjoyed this one :)

  2. Sounds good. I really should read some historical again, I have read too much UF lately :)

  3. I really liked this one as well - she writes about such interesting occupations!

  4. I like that MS Trent is doing stories of women in unusual roles that we seldom hear of or consider. I look forward to reading this one and look forward to her future books.


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