I am a panelist at Book Blogger Con 2011!!!

I announced this on Facebook a few weeks ago, but also wanted to share my exciting news here...

I have been selected to be a panelist for the Blogging for a Niche Market session on the topic of Historical Fiction at the Book Blogger Convention in New York this May!!!  Yippeeeee!!!

You cannot imagine how excited I am and even though it's months away, I'm already anxious!  I'm not a big fan of public speaking but being that it's my most favorite subject to talk about I think I'll be okay :)  And I am thrilled at the prospect of meeting the authors and bloggers I've become friends with over the years!!  It's going to be a blast!

Here are the panelists for Blogging for a Niche Market session:

Florinda [The Three R's Blog] – moderator
Katie [Babbling About Books and More] – Romance
Sarah, Erin & Jenny [Forever Young Adult] – Young Adult
Amy [Passages to the Past] – Historical Fiction
Thea [The Book Smugglers] – Sci Fi/Fantasy
Rebecca [Rebecca Reads] – Classics
Jen [Jen's Book Thoughts] – Mystery/Crime Fiction
Jill [Rhapsody in Books] – Non-Fiction
Jennifer [Reading Rants] – Kidlit/Librarianship
Mitali [Mitali's Fire Escape] – Diversity
Cass [Bonjour Cass] – GLBTQ
Tanya [Dog Eared Copy] – Audiobooks

I just wanted to thank the BBC committee for this honor and I hope I represent the Historical Fiction bloggers well at the convention and can't wait to meet everyone there!

So, will you be attending the Book Blogger Con 2011?



  1. You will be brilliant. When you talk about your passion you forget you are talking to a crowd.

    I wish I could see it...I'm sure there will be many blog posts, yes?

  2. Wow! You'll be awesome! I can't think of any topic I would rather talk about (or listen to) than historical fiction. Good luck! :)

  3. Congratulations!! I'm sure you will do a wonderful job.

  4. Amy, A big CONGRATULATIONS! I know you will do very well; I only wish I could meet you and hear you speak--but I am in Florida and you will be "up there" :)

  5. I am sure you will be awesome! Congrats!

  6. Congratulations Amy!
    I know you will do great, since your passion and knowledge of this subject is so apparent from your blog :)

  7. yay! congrats. i love your site so i'm sure you'll have great stuff to share at the con.

  8. Hey Amy! Congrats! I know you will represent us well :) I too am afraid of public speaking but I know you will do great talking about the best topic there is (Historical Fiction)! I wish I could be there to root you on and meet you but unfortunately I live in Oklahoma and I have college to attend yuck! Good luck girl!

    Taylor~ http://allthingshistoricalfiction.blogspot.com/

  9. Congratulations! This is awesome news. You will do us bloggers proud :)

  10. Wow...how exciting! And a great way to start out the year. Enjoy and have fun!

  11. Congratulations Amy...you are more than deserving of this role! Best of luck with your public speaking and like you said...loving your subject matter is half the battle of being nervous in front of crowds. You go girl ;)

  12. Congratulations! I am happy for you and know you will do a great job. I'd love to attend, but don't see it happening this year. However, one never knows.

    I hope you are surviving the storm this weekend. We got about 4 inches and are gearing up for the next one the beginning of the week.


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