2011 Release: The Courtesan's Lover by Gabrielle Kimm

Gabrielle Kimm, author of last year's The Last Duchess is coming out with a new book this year.  I only see a UK release as of now, but will update you if I see it coming to the US.

The Courtesan's Lover 
by Gabrielle Kimm

UK Release Date:  September 29, 2011

SYNOPSIS:  It is 1564 in Naples, and Francesca Felizzi, former mistress of the Duke of Ferrara, is now an aspiring courtesan. Beautiful and ambitious, she revels in the power she knows she wields over the men who pay for her company. What happens when she is visited by an inexperienced seventeen year old boy comes as a complete shock to her. In his company, it quickly becomes horribly clear to Francesca that, despite the many, many admiring patrons she has entertained over the years, she has never in fact been loved. And, in the face of that knowledge, the glittering and sumptuous life she has been leading for years seems suddenly little more than a gaudy facade. She has no choice but to continue working: she has two children to support. But then, a few weeks later, another unexpected encounter has far more devastating implications, which then plunge both her and her children into the sort of danger she has dreaded ever since she began to work the streets all those years ago.



  1. This sounds another good book. You always end up with fabulous reading!!!

  2. I read The Last Duchess last year and enjoyed it. Francesca is one of the characters of that book so I'm looking forward to reading this one!

  3. How lovely to find your site (on a quick Google search) - it's always very heartening to find lovely comments from readers. I can confirm that 'The Courtesan's Lover' has been picked up by Sourcebooks, a US publisher, and it will be released in the States in Spring 2012 (I think). They are bringing 'His Last Duchess' out too, in the fall this year.


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