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I am a sucker for reading challenges, especially the ones with pretty buttons!  Here are four more reading challenges that I am joining for 2010.  I hope to see you all there!

The reading Challenge will run from January 1st to December 15th 2010.

***All you have to do is read any Historical Fiction or Non-fiction books based on French history or French historical figures.

Reading Levels:

La Princesse: Read 3 books
La Dauphine: Read 6 books
La Reine: Read 9 books
L’Impératrice: More than 9 books

To join:

1) Paste the French Historicals Oh-La-La! Challenge button on your sidebar- with a link to this page
2) Post about this on your blog
3) Come back to comment and leave a link to your post to let me know that you're on board!

ALSO: If you're interested, throughout the months, I'd like to occasionally post your reviews of the books you've read for my challenge. So, if you'd like to see them here on EBJ as: Reviews byFriends of The French Historicals -Oh- La-La! Challenge

Just send an email at:

At the end of the year, I will have a GIVEAWAY by selecting a winner from all who have joined.


The New Year is here with a Bang! Plaidy’s Royal Intrigue is announcing our Challenge for 2010!!

Arleigh and Lucy have planned a GRAND Plaidy Lady Challenge!

Last year, we had a wonderful turnout for our reading challenge and so we’ve decided to go on a grander scale and make it official!

Challenge will begin January 15, 2010 and end on Dec. 15, 2010.

Please Note: You must have a blog to participate. If you don’t have one, you can sign up very quickly and easily at and at least post what books you’re reading, if not reviews.

Place this button on your sidebar and post about it- then use the linky to tell us who you are.

You can choose a level now – or just pick as you go along.

Ms. Carr: read 6 Books
Ms. Holt: read 8 Books
Grand Plaidy Lady: Over 12 books

At the end of the year, 1 winner will be picked from each level.

ALSO…if you would like to see your reviews posted on our blog, please send them to :

Once a month we will randomly pick reviews to post on our blog. All you have to do is email us your review and once it’s up you blog about it with a link back to us.

So, let the fun begin!



1. Put our challenge button on your sidebar, linking back here.

2. Comment here saying it's up and leave the link.

3. Send an email to with the following info: first name and blog/website address. **Please send an email each time you finish a Plaidy novel so we can keep our list updated**

Once I get your email, your name goes into a drawing for a brand new copy of Flaunting Extravagant Queen! Open to US, Canada & International (no exclusions on mailing). This giveaway ends January 31st, 2010.


The Rules of the Challenge

  1. Runs from January 1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2010.  But this is an ongoing challenge and I will be renewing it next year.
  2. Join anytime during the year – just leave a comment, with a link to your signup post if you do one – you don’t have to!  Anyone can join, you don’t have to have a blog.
  3. Books can be re-reads, or can overlap with other challenges.
  4. If you’d like me to include a link to your review, leave me a comment or email me at: misadventuresofmoppet [at] googlemail [dot] com.
  5. Choose your own level.  You can change level anytime or change your mind about the books you will read at any time.  I noticed other people have fun names for their challenge levels, so here are mine:
Orange Girl – Read one book
Maid of Honour – Read up to three books
Courtesan – Read up to five books
Maitresse en titre – Read up to seven books
Secret Wife – Read more than seven books!

To read about what books qualify for the challenge and reading suggestions, click HERE.


Basic Rules/Guidelines

* Sign up HERE if you plan to participate, pretty please.
* You may read any historical fiction book for this challenge: straight historical fiction set in the English Regency, or in Asia, or in Europe, or in Africa, or in Prehistoric times etc. You may read young adult, romances, historical paranormal romances (i.e. Kim Lenox’s Shadow Guard series), historical fantasy – as long as it takes place in a historical time that at least originated with a real historic time period or event (therefore YES, steampunk is an option!) and it is fiction, it is game. Please, no nonfiction, biographies, or the like.
* Please label your reviews in a way that associates them with this challenge. I’ll be using “YotH: (Book Title)” format for my review headers AND linking the original challenge notice/sign up post in each review so that interested readers can see why/what challenge it’s associated with.
* I will do a post every month during the last week – this is where you need to link, in the comments section, your monthly review. I will then edit into the body of the post links for everyone’s reviews.
* There is no limit to how many reviews you can do per month, but I am only requiring one review for a total of 12 books.
* Have fun!





  1. I am a sucker for a historical challenge too, and yes, ones with pretty buttons are even more likely to catch my attention!

  2. Hey Amy! You joined some really good ones! Looks like we may be reading lots of the same ones too- starting with the HFBRT ones;)


  3. oh dear, here I go again lol! I love the beautiful buttons too...once I see them I'm sunk :)

  4. Am starting Lucy's new challenge! And so excited about it. Just wanted to stop by and wish you congrats on your 500th follower!!

  5. So many reading challenges. I'm having a hard time deciding which to participate in.

  6. I should really join the Royal Mistress one because that's a given! I'm always reading about them!


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