Wordless Wednesday

The Sorceress
John William Waterhouse, 1913



  1. Good one, I adore Waterhouse, he was such a great painter

  2. Wonderful. Like all Waterhouse, there is much being said here. The fallen cup is redolent of the grail, and the colour of the spilt liquid, red, adds to the Christian redemptive symbolism. The sorceress is doubting her destiny and the path she has chosen to take. It is a moment of truth.

  3. I just read the comment before mine, and I must say that i saw the picture in a new light after reading it :)

    Awesome pic.

  4. Love this painting, love Waterhouse; he is one of my favorite artists! We have an exposition of Waterhouse's work in Montreal now and it's amazing. I'm going back to see it again this weekend!

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