Sourcebooks releasing more Heyer mysteries in 2010

Release Date:  March 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS: This charming English country-house mystery features a murder victim whose public persona cleverly hid a life of vice and deception. When Ernest Fletcher is found bludgeoned to death in his study, everyone is shocked and mystified: Ernest was well-liked and respected, so who would have a motive for killing him? Enter Superintendent Hannasyde who, with consummate skill, uncovers one secret after another—and plenty of suspects…

Release Date:  April 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS: Post-war London and drug use among the upper classes provide a fascinating backdrop to one of the last of mega-bestselling author Georgette Heyer’s twelve English country-house mysteries.

An elegant card party turns deadly when two victims are found strangled with a tourniquet of picture wire. The crimes appear to be identical, but were they carried out by the same hand? Timothy Kane from They Found Him Dead is all grown up and an eligible man about town. When his fiancée becomes one of Inspector Hemingway’s primary suspects, Timothy is determined to prove her innocent—but discovers the lady’s past is more than a little bit shady…

Envious Casca

Release Date:  May 1, 2010

SYNOPSIS: A holiday party goes terribly wrong when the universally disliked host is found murdered behind locked doors with a houseful of hostile guests, every one of whom has something to hide. While the delicate matter of inheritance could be the key to this crime, the real conundrum is how any of the suspects could have entered the locked room to commit the foul deed. Superintendent Hannasyde reveals the mystery behind this clever and daring crime…



  1. Whoa! It looks different around here, right? Or am I just hallucinating?

    I'd better get on the ball with Heyer's huge list of books before these come out...

  2. I think it's great that her works are being released.

  3. I've read most Ms. Heyer's romances and have just started reading her mysteries. I just love her and I dig you blog too.
    You take care

  4. I have just discovered your site today. Love it. Do you have a newsletter? I will have to find time to read some of your older posts!

  5. I adore the covers of these reissues! And I love that I will be able to buy them at local bookstores now.

  6. I love the cover of the last one- very art deco! Not as huge a fan of the other ones...

  7. I think I liked the last lot of covers a bit better. I loved them.

  8. I read one Heyer Mystery. The books was good, but I knew the ending! But the writing was good and the humor quotient helped me go till the end! And that era...

  9. I'm a fan of Heyer's. The covers on the reissues are great. I'm reading Arabella now.


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