new book on Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh

The Favourite: Ambition, Politics and Love - Sir Walter Raleigh in Elizabeth I's court
by Mathew Lyons

Release Date:  May 27, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  When the adventurer Walter Ralegh first encountered Elizabeth I, he supposedly placed his cloak over a puddle and allowed the queen to walk across it. Thus began one of the most intriguing relationships between a monarch and her favourite. "The Favourite" explores the labyrinthine complexity of human emotion, ambition and ritual within the restricted confines of the Tudor court. Was the favourite a Machiavellian schemer who fooled the queen in her affections? Was Elizabeth willing to manipulate her courtier for her own ends? The Queen's affection for Ralegh would protect him but he would soon become the 'most hated man in England'. In "The Favourite", Mathew Lyons reveals a new portrait of an immortal relationship and a fascinating exploration of the many layers of love between Gloriana and Ralegh- courtier, chancer and privateer.



  1. Did he really do that?! I mean keep his cloak over a puddle, wow!

    Oh My, I will definitely ask my husband, if he would do that for me :F. maybe not.. I know the answer though :D

    Sounds like an excellent read!

  2. I'm really looking forward to the release of this book! Much has been written about Elizabeth's relationship with Dudley, but I have yet to read anything of substance about her relationship with Raleigh.


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