Leslie Carroll has an exciting annoucement!!!

Hop on over to Leslie Carroll's blog to see what her exciting news is!!!  You Historical Fiction Fanatics are gonna be stoked, I promise!!!  It's got a little somethin' to do with this lady:

Leslie Caroll is the wonderful author of Royal Affairs: A Lusty Romp Through the Extramarital Adventures that Rocked the British Monarchy and her the up-coming Notorious Royal Marriages: A Juicy Journey Through Nine Centuries of Dynasty, Destiny and Desire (coming out January 5, 2010).



  1. I noticed this last night at Leslie Carroll's blog. Looks interesting, I believe it is going to be a trilogy? I have not read much about Marie Antoinette but this may be one I will read when it comes out....

  2. Wow -- I am honored, touched, and blown away, Amy, that you mentioned my incredible news on your blog.

    Yes, CelticLady, it will be a trilogy. That will enable me to delve more into the atmosphere as well as her personal relationships as her life progressed without the restriction of having to cram an entire event-filled life into a single 400-pg novel.

    I did write about the marriage of Marie Antoinette and the Louis-Auguste, the dauphin of France (the future Louis XVI) in NOTORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES, and it was the research I did on her for that nonfiction book that made me completely fall in love with her. What I learned during the course of doing my research was that a lot of preconceptions I had about her were changed through a deeper understanding of dynastic and world events as well as salient details of her personal life; and it made me passionate about wanting to tell her story in the historical fiction format. I've written 4 books of historical fiction in the past few years under the pen name Amanda Elyot.

    And the Marie Antoinette books will represent a fresh start; I'm incredibly excited about it!

  3. Well we got all the info from the author herself!


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