three rivers press re-releasing Pope Joan

US Release Date:  June 9, 2009

Donna Woolfolk Cross will be interviewed at PTTP around the first week of June!

Brilliant and talented, young Joan rebels against the medieval social strictures forbidding women to learn to read and write. When her brother is killed during a Viking attack, Joan takes up his cloak and identity and goes to the monastery of Fulda to be initiated into the brotherhood. As Brother John Anglicus, Joan distinguishes herself as a great Christian scholar. Eventually she is drawn to Rome, where she becomes enmeshed in a dangerous web of love, passion, and politics. Triumphing over appalling odds, she finally attains the highest office in Christendom, wielding a power greater than any woman before or since. But such power comes with a price.


  1. I read this book a few years ago and enjoyed it. Was there really a female Pope? I've heard yes and no on that subject.

  2. I was fortunate enough to meet Donna Cross ten years ago when she did a benefit book signing for my women's club near the launch of the trade paperback.

    She is warm, funny and very bright.

    Enjoy the interview. I'm looking forward to seeing whatever revisions she made and compare it to the original version, as well as the new author notes. That's me, I love director's commentaries and all the extra features on DVDs.

    I also can't wait to see the movie. I hope the adaptation is something that will make Donna proud.


  3. I picked up a copy of this at a used bookstore last fall -- guess I should move it upward on my TBR list for the re-release!

  4. I have this one and will get around to reading it one of these days...

  5. I liked this when I read it a while ago. I think there was some talk of a movie as well.

  6. Oh man, I've always been interested in Pope Joan. I'll have to look for this.

  7. I've been wanting to see a review of this book by someone. thanks!


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