pictures from the new season of The Tudors

I need to watch this series, if only for the costumes alone...simply gorgeous!

Henry and Jane Seymour (she doesn't look so mousy here)

Henry and Jane (it's so hard to not like him when he's so frickin' good looking!)

Click here to see some more pictures from Season 3 of the Tudors which starts April 5th.


  1. Love the Tudors it's so fun to watch! I can't wait for season 3 :)

  2. I love the Tudors.. Oh Henry. Oh Henry... why must he be so cruel? Anyway.. I just have a few episodes left to be up to date for Season Three... yahoo....

    All these versions of the Tudors... gets kind of confusing. Margaret George portrayed Anne and a very very naughty woman... The Showtime series doesn't portray her as "that" bad..


  3. I've watched most of the first season and have the second waiting for me. :)

  4. He is so good looking. What are they going to do when his character gets all fat with a lame leg? Hee hee.

  5. I completely agree! If Henry would have been that hot & if I had been alive then I probably would have lost my head too! I watched the 1st episode already and Jane is mousie, she already seemed scared of him. I also have wondered about how they are going to make him heavy, but they did start to show his leg hurting in the 1st episode of 3 season.

  6. Well... I was disappointed by all the historic discrepancies so I left it at end of series I....

  7. LOVE THE TUDORS!!! Yes, isn't he gorgeous? I pay extra to get showtime, just so I can see it!

  8. It's basically a soap opera with gorgeous costumes and scenary. One show and you'll be hooked girl!


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