how evil are you??

Raw evil score: 35.56%

Saw this at Jenny loves to read and just had to participate!  You never know with these little quizzes, but this one is quite accurate!  I took some sort of behavioral evaluation test at work when I first started here a few years ago and the guy that explained the results to me said that I was what they call the "grinning bastard" - that's where you're smiling and nodding enthusiastically about something to someone and then when they turn around, the smile fades and out comes the cursing! true!  I've always been like that but I think I perfected that when I was a server! want your fourth refill of tea...oh sure I'll be happy to get that for you.  NOT!!!

Now I wanna know....what level of evil are you???


  1. Fun Quiz! I'm accidentally evil. :o)

  2. I used to wait tables the same way! Walk away smiling and back in the kitchen I was cursing them out. Too funny!

  3. Hahhaha...I'm happily evil. I love the little evil smiley face. :)

  4. Secretly evil huh, LOL that's cute!! actually I'm only pretend evil ;)

  5. It said I'm kind of evil and congratulations that I'm a pretend evil...just great- blew my cover and now the kids will truly run all over me. Thanks.

  6. pretend evil...hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings -that's ok 20%

  7. that was fun, I'm accidentally evil @ 31.11%
    I think the questions were too nice LOL


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