July releases in HF and History/NF

My birthday month is looking hot, hot, hot for new and yummy looking releases!!!  I may need to get a second job because there are too many I want!!



  1. *sigh*
    I have so many sitting to be read.
    My pile may be reaching the heights of yours.

  2. Lady of the Butterflies is one I am trying to get. The others will have to wait their turn!

  3. You have me to doing the conga line in my cubbie hole at work. Feeling hot, hot, hot!!!!

  4. Amy - I really like the way you have the books displayed. It was fun watching slide show. :D

    Out of those books, which one, or two, or three books are shouting at you to purchase?

    Tatiana and Alexander looks good, did you read the first book, The Bronze Horseman?

  5. I am happy to see they are finally re-releasing Susan Kay's Legacy! My old hardcover is in pretty rough shape.

  6. More than anything else, I need more time to read.


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