2011 Release: Katharine of Aragon by Julia Fox

Julia Fox, author of Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford will be coming out with a new non-fiction book next year about Katherine of Aragon.  So far I only see it as a UK release  coming out February 10, 2010, but I will you the US release date and cover as soon as it's revealed.  To accompany this synopsis I am including my favorite picture of Katherine.

Katherine of Aragon

SYNOPSIS:  She was a queen well-loved by the English people. Manipulated by her family and abandoned by her husband, Katherine of Aragon has earned an unforgettable place in English history. Youngest daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, Katherine was born into a world of privilege and luxury that came at a devastating personal price. In an age of family politics, the daughters of Isabella and Ferdinand were useful only as a way to secure new alliances through marriage. Given limited academic study and provided with no knowledge of the country to which she was to be sent, Katherine, like her sister Juana, was at the mercy of the man she was to marry. Vividly narrated from Katherine's point of view, this book recounts a familiar story in a completely refreshing way. Detailing Katherine's upbringing as the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand, her marriages to both Prince Arthur and Henry VIII, her failure to produce a male heir, the emergence of Anne Boleyn, the divorce from Henry VIII that started the English Reformation and her fight to ensure her daughter's accession to the throne, KATHERINE OF ARAGON redefines Katherine's role in English history. In this first major biography in over fifty years, Julia Fox breathes new life into Katherine's story. By placing Katherine in her own setting and showing how her family affected her thinking and outlook, the book compellingly explores her inner, material world, and ultimately, the role of princesses in a male-dominated world.



  1. I have Fox's book on Jane Boleyn (haven't yet read it but heard great things about it). I think this one looks fantastic!!! I'll be tracking it down and adding it to my over-weighted shelves. :)

  2. I read the Jane Boleyn bio the week it came out and loved it :) Looking forward to this one!

  3. This sounds like it will be a good biography and look at the history of the time. I hope it doesn't take too long to make it across the Pond.

  4. I tried to read her Jane Rochford one but I could not get into it.


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