2011 Release: Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger

Cover Not Final
by Kate Pullinger

Release Date:  January 4, 2011

SYNOPSIS:  Winner of Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award, this richly rendered American debut captures the life of a ladies maid on her journey from the confines of Victorian England to the uncharted reaches of Egypt’s Nile Valley, awakening first love, testing loyalties, and discovering freedom has a price.

When Lady Duff Gordon, toast of Victorian London society, departs for the hot, dry climate of Egypt to seek relief from the debilitating effects of her tuberculosis, Sally doesn’t think twice about remaining by her mistress’s side. 

Sally and Lady Duff Gordon throw themselves into the their exotic surroundings, adopting native dress, learning Arabic, and visiting the tombs of ancient pharaohs. Along the way, Sally comes to experience freedoms she, as a servant, has never known before, as well as her first taste of romance.

But freedom is a luxury that a maid can ill-afford, and when Sally grasps for more than status entitles her to, she is brutally reminded that she is mistress of nothing. Ultimately, she must choose her master, and a way back—or a way to the unknown.

Based on the real lives of Lady Duff Gordon and her maid, The Mistress of Nothing is a lush, sometimes dark portrait of forbidden love, tested loyalties, and finding an unexpected new definition of “home”—a compelling story that will take readers on a journey they will not soon forget.



  1. Wow, this sounds really good. Love Victorian Era novels and I'm putting this one on the wishlist. Thanks!

  2. I just got this one for review - it comes out over here this month! I've started it and it is so far just as great as it sounds.

  3. Ooooh, this sounds good -- As usual, you are bad for my wallet.

  4. I will make sure to keep my eyes open for this one when it comes out!

  5. i have heard that this is a marvelous book!


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