Sunday Salon

I can't believe it's Sunday evening already...back to work tomorrow...and back to looking forward to the weekend again! Terrible, vicious cycle.

I wasn't as productive as I had hoped to be this week with reading. I still have about 180 pages left in Alison Weir's The War of the Roses and I'm liking it alright, but it's not one you can read with anything less than the utmost earnestness and concentration! The number of characters involved is insane, I commend Weir for even taking on such a convoluted historical event!

On the blogging front, I've been updating my favorite blog links. I added some really cool sites that I've found recently and in the process realized that there were some blogs I didn't have on there, that I should've. So, if one of them was sorry! I think I have everyone now!!

In the next few weeks at Passages to the Past you can look forward to a review for The Kingmaking, book 1 of the Arthur Pendragon series by Helen Hollick, followed by an interview with Hollick. Our third stop on the Castles or Bust tour! will have us staying in France. I also hope to get a back review on Mistress of the Revolution posted. Short review for you real quick: fantastic read!

I hope everyone has a great week and remember...nobody expects the spanish inquisition!


  1. I can't believe it is Sunday already, either! Time flies, I guess!

  2. hi... morning... here in malaysia now is monday morning... ^0^

  3. I'll have to give the Alison Weir book a glance - I like her writing and that's a period I'm very interested in. Oh, and I love your header photo!

  4. Yep the weekend's gone already...for me the weekend's even busier than the work week! But, a thousand times more pleasant. Looking forward to the reviews!

  5. I like historical novels too Amy, so what you are reading is always of interest to me

  6. I'm definitely looking forward to your Wars of the Roses review! That's one that I want to read.

  7. When do you like to read? At night? I was just wondering. I like to read on the train, but I don't think you commute like that! Imagine all the reading you could get done there ;)


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