anyone up for a good mystery?

Sourcebooks is releasing three Georgette Heyer mysteries in the next three months and I have a feelin' they're gonna be good! Have a peek:

February 1, 2009

It's no ordinary morning at the Poplars - the master is found dead in his bed, and it seems his high blood pressure was not the cause. When an autopsy reveals a sinister poison, it's up to the quietly resourceful Inspector Hannasyde to catch the murderer in time to spare the next victim. But every single member of the quarrelsome Matthews family has a motive and none, of course, has an alibi.

March 1, 2009

It should have been a lovely English country-house weekend. But the unfortunate guest-list is enough to exasperate a saint, and the host, Sir Arthur Billington-Smith, is an abusive wretch hated by everyone from his disinherited son to his wife's stoic would-be lover. When Sir Arthur is found stabbed to death, no one is particularly grieved—and no one has an alibi. The unhappy guests fi nd themselves under the scrutiny of Scotland Yard's cool-headed Inspector Harding, who has solved tough cases before—but this time, the talented young inspector discovers much more than he's bargained for.

April 1, 2009

When local barrister Frank Amberley takes a wrong turn on his way to visit his aunt and uncle and accidentally discovers a murder, he impulsively protects the young woman he meets at the crime scene. In the course of ferreting out the killer, his disdain for the bumbling police adds comic relief, and he displays true brilliance at solving the crime.


  1. Still haven't read a Heyer book yet...I know, I know...I'll get right on it. These look good!

  2. I want to read..These sound FANTASTIC

  3. I'v enever read any of Heyer's books. But these three do look interesting. if only I had enough time in the day...

  4. I didn't know she had written mysteries.

  5. I have to say Sourcebooks have done a great job with the covers on those books! If I saw those in a bookstore I would definitely pick them up!

  6. These sound great! I read Cotillion a while back and loved it. The covers on these are really awesome.

  7. Just like everyone else, I want to say those are some stinking awesome covers!!!

  8. I want, I want, I want! :) I love Sourcebooks for what they are doing. Yes, they will be breaking my bank, but what a wonderful cause.

  9. I fell in love with these books and ordered the two that were already released. You owe me $20! LOL!


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