Castles or Bust! Hever Castle

Aerial view of Hever Castle

The History of Hever:
A gatehouse and bailey was the start of Hever Castle back in 1270. In the 16th century the Boleyn (Bullen) family purchased it and it is now popularly known as the childhood home of Henry VIII's second wife, Anne Boleyn. Hever would also be the residence of Henry VIII"s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, after their annullment.

Official Hever Castle website states:
Since 1983, the castle has been owned by Broadland Properties Limited and open to the public. The castle has a homely atmosphere and houses historic 16th century Tudor portraits, furniture and tapestries. Other artefacts include two magnificent Books of Hours (prayer books), both signed and inscribed by Anne Boleyn. Costumed figures of Henry VIII and his six wives in the Long Gallery adds to the atmosphere and is popular with the children. The Council Chamber in the thirteenth century gatehouse contains collections of historic swords, armour, instruments of execution, torture and discipline.
You never know who you'll run into at Hever Castle.....from
Hever Castle is not surprisingly said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn was so cruelly executed upon the orders of her husband King Henry VIII. There have apparently been many sightings of her restless spirit around the castle, the gardens and also gliding across the wooden bridge.


  1. Ok, well, I just want to be there! And I also wouldn't mind if Anne showed up a while for a little chit-chatting.

  2. I remember reading about this castle in some of the Phillipa Gregory books!

    I've ALWAYS wanted to go through a real labyrinth. Wouldn't that be neat?

  3. Yay, it's castle day! :)

    I love the pictures! It adds a lot to the reading experience to have those visuals.

  4. Awesome post. I was just picturing myself sitting in that garden full of flowers beside that fountain. Wow! Just beautiful.

  5. Hever Castle is on my list of places to visit when I'm studying at Oxford for the month of July. Of course, that list is about a mile long, so hopefully I'll get to at least a few of the places on my list!


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