What are they up to?

One part of my Internet ritual is looking at my favorite HF author's websites to see what they are working on next. So I thought I would do the stalking for you and let you know what's up.

Elizabeth Chadwick is working on a novel about Mahelt, the eldest daughter of that medieval stud, William Marshall. There is no publication date yet.

She has also begun research on Edith Swan-Neck, who was the un-wedded consort to Harold II of England.

EC will also be having three novels, after some re-edits, re-release in the UK. The Wild Hunt, The Running Vixen and The Leopard Unleashed will be released in 2008 and 2009.

Jeanne Kologridis, author of The Borgia Bride (which I really enjoyed) is in the progress of completing a novel about Catherine de Medici. I'm looking forward to see what Kalogridis does with Catherine as she is fascinating to read about. In the US it is going to be called The Bloodiest Queen and in the UK, The Medici Queen. No publication date.

The talented new Queen of Egypt, Michelle Moran, has a really great novel up her sleeve. Cleopatra's Daughter is the story about the fate of Cleopatra and Marc Antony's children. Click here for the really cool trailer. The release date is September 15, 2009.

Jennifer Donnelly, the outstanding author of The Tea RoseThe Winter Rose, is now working on the last book in the trilogy, The Wild Rose. This book reconnects us with the Finnegans as they live through World War I and into the Roarin' 20s. If you haven't read this trilogy yet then you are really missin' out. No publication date yet.

A novel on the latter part of Elizabeth I's reign is the focus of the next novel of Margaret George. George is the author with such books as Helen of Troy and The Autobiography of Henry VIII (which was wonderful) under her belt. Be warned she likes 'em big...her books are for the readers that are in for the long haul. Don't let me scare you off though - they are beautiful stories.

Susan Higginbotham, who I think could start her own genre of historical comedy. She has a very funny and entertaining blog that is one you should check out.

Susan's novel The Traitor's Wife is being re-released by Sourcebooks (see, there's that name again) on April 1, 2009. And she is now working on another novel set during the War of the Roses. Edit: Susan was kind enough to email me back with more information on her new project (thanks Susan!). It is told by Harry Stafford, second Duke of Buckingham and his wife, Katherine Woodville (youngest sister of Elizabeth Woodville, mother of the princes in the tower) and will cover the events from 1464 to 1495. She hoes to have it completed in 2009. There is no publication date set.

I just read an awesome book. Perhaps you've heard of it? Devil's Brood by Sharon Kay Penman, which is the third book (and not last) in her Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II series was a sensation around the book blog world when it was released in October.

Penman's next sensation is going to be the fourth novel dealing with Eleanor, Richard, John and Joanna (the daughter that married Llewelyn in her Welsh Trilogy). It is titled Lionheart and set to be released in 2011. Argh....that seems sooooo far away!!

p.s. Sharon has started her first blog. Check it out.


  1. I read books by all of these authors... I'm very excited about the Elizabeth Chadwick. It seems like everybody is writing about Catherine de Medici these day--I've heard that an authro named CW Gortner has a book coming out next year on her. I'm also looking forward to the new Michelle Moran, even though I haven't read the Heretic Queen yet. I'm not so keen, however, on the Jennifer Donnelly trilogy.

  2. I have heard of some of these and am excited to start reading. I love hitorical fiction, and thus love reading your blog.

  3. Thanks so much for stalking for me. I love all these authors and I'm glad to know they are all still working. More books for me! Great blog.

  4. Katherine - yes, Catherine de Medici is making a splash onto the scene lately, but she's so interesting that I say the more the merrier! And I can't believe I totally missed posting about CW. He's so awesome. I need to rectify that.

    Michellekae - I'm really glad you like the blog. It's a hobby that has turned into an obsession, but I'm having a lot of fun.

    Beth F - thanks for coming!

  5. I love this feature! Thank you so much!

  6. You keep me up to date! What would I do without your blog? I have yet to get any Catherine de Medici books under my belt because I just can't get away from Henry VIII's six wives and his children. But I'm looking forward to it!

  7. Hollister - it's easy to get all wrapped up in that wonderfully, dysfunctional family of theirs.

    LH - glad to hear that you like it! Although it's a form of torture...knowing what good stuff they're working on and then having to wait so long to reap the rewards...cruel!

  8. Thanks for this update, Amy.

    I can't wait to read Cleopatra's Daughter.


  9. I have heard so many good things about Elizabeth Chadwick's novels -- I have a few on my wishlist for Christmas and hope Santa will come through!!

    Also, Susan's THE TRAITOR'S WIFE is one of my all-time favorites -- I'll be reading whatever she writes!!

  10. Shana - I can't wait either! I loved Nefertiti!

    Lynn - I sure hope Santa does bring you some...they are such wonderful stories!

  11. Thank you so much for the shout-out!!! I wonder if I can let my publishing house know that I'm a queen now and to address me as such. Queen Michelle would like some extra time for her editing... Queen Michelle insists on more books being printed... I like it!

    And I'm very excited about all of these novels, esp Elizabeth Chadwick's book on Mahelt!!


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