Library book sale jackpot!

While sadly there was no drama to report on at the monthly library book sale, I did manage to find 15 books to add to the ever expanding TBR pile.  Here is what the cat dragged in....

I, Claudius by Robert Graves
My Enemy The Queen by Victoria Holt (aka Jean Plaidy)
The Road to Paradise Island by Victoria Holt (aka Jean Plaidy)
The India Fan by Victoria Holt (aka Jean Plaidy)
Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
The King Must Die by Mary Renault
The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow
Kings of Albion by Julian Rathbone
The Princess and The Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison
Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser
Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Enemy of God by Bernard Cornwell
The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell
Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

Phew!  To put it in perspective I had to purchase an IKEA bag to carry them home in!  Anyone who has gone to IKEA knows there bags are ginormous!!!  The look on my husband's face as I'm dragging the bag in was priceless!


  1. Nice haul! I'm a big fan of "I, Claudius" and "The King Must Die".


  2. Oh my goodness....aren't you just the little book grabber? Ha. You got Bernard Cornwell!!! Way to go! Have you read the Mists of Avalon before? I loved that book.

  3. I have fond memories of I Claudius, The King Must Die, The Name of the Rose and Mists of Avalon. It seems like a nice haul--congratulations!

  4. And how could I forget My Enemy the Queen? Lettice Knollys and QE1 face off over Robert Dudley. Antother book I remember reading a long time ago.

  5. Michele - I haven't read Mists before, but I'm looking forward to it as I've heard it was really good.

    Devaki - oohhhh, cat fight over Dudley. I got dibs on Elizabeth!


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