2009 is the year of Georgette Heyer!

Don't you just love finding new authors? To me it's like a potato chip...once you start, you just can't get enough.

My new obsession is Georgette Heyer. Having just read Faro's Daughter and currently reading The Counqueror, my OCD has begun full force and it must be satisfied. I have two more of her novels that are next to be reviewed, The Cotillion and Lady of Quality, courtesy of Sourcebooks (thanks Danielle)!

Another of my stalking techniques for finding future releases is to look at the catalogs from publishing houses, so I was taking a peek at Sourcebook's catalog )since they seem to be taking over the historical fiction world) and lo and behold, fodder for my OCD! 2009 is not going to be a very nice year for Amy's wallet, let me just tell ya.

February 2009 The Convenient Marriage
March 2009 The Talisman Ring
April 2009 The Nonesuch
May 2009 Cousin Kate
June 2009 The Corinthian
July 2009 The Grand Sophy

They are also releasing some of her mysteries, which I can't wait to delve into.

February 2009 Behold, Here's Poison
March 2009 The Unfinished Clue
April 2009 Why Shoot A Butler? (isn't that a great title)

And one historical:

May 2009 My Lord John

If you wish to see the Catalog (pdf) for yourself.


  1. I just discovered her this year, too. Thanks for the update on what is coming out! Better start saving my pennies. . .


  2. Guess I better hop on the bandwagon and find a Heyer book to read.

  3. I too discovered Georgette Heyer this year. I've only read Cotillion, but I really like it. It's fun and keeps you engaged. Enjoy! Let me which you liked best. I'm debating which one of her's to dive into next. She's a category on my 999 Challenge, so let me know how it goes!

  4. I've read Cotillion and An Infamous Army and Royal Escape is on my shelf... I like her style!


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