Cool Library

I'm one of those rare people that find libraries cool, just because of the books alone. But how uber cool would it be if your library looked like this? They'd have to kick me out at closing time.

This beautifully unique, new age library is the new Royal Library in Copenhagen. It has seven stories and includes a bookshop, cafe, restaurant, clutch of research centers, archives, a roof terrace, and the Queen’s Hall, which provides seating for 600 in a venue that works for concerts, stage performances, and conferences.

Click here to see three images of The Royal Library in Copenhagen, including a larger version of this picture.


  1. I'd be content to spend time there for sure!

  2. They'd have to pull me out kicking and screaming! When we left the University of Georgia (way back when), the thing I cried about was leaving the library!

  3. They have a library like that in Salt Lake City too!!!!

  4. I've been there (a few photos here). It's truly beautiful inside! I love looking at different libraries. I really like the Exeter library, by Louis Kahn, as well. There are a few others too. I could go on and on. One of my favorite architectural projects was designing a library!


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