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Hellloooo lovelies!  I hope everyone is doing well this Sunday.  It's a beauteous day here in Atlanta, though the pollen is still out in force!  Here's a picture of my shoes, pollen sprinkled, from when I took the tulip picture posted in my Wordless Wednesday.  Ewww.

So, read any good books lately?  I am finishing up The Stolen Crown by Susan Higginbotham and thoroughly enjoying it, as is always the case with one of her novels.  I am also reading The Afflicted Girls by Suzy Witten, which is about the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  I'm not that far into yet, but so far it's good.


The Claude & Camille HFBRT event wrapped up on Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented - we hope you enjoyed it!  I know we had a lot of fun!  The C&C Schedule of Events is HERE with links in case you missed anything.  There are still giveaways going on as well!
Our next event will be in May for C.W. Gortner's Confessions of Catherine de Medici.  I can't wait to start it!  

Speaking of giveaways, there are SIX of them happening at PTTP!
The Queen's Pawn by Christy English (ends tomorrow)
Claude & Camille by Stephanie Cowell
Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell
Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn
No Will But His by Sarah A. Hoyt

I wanted to thank Vera from Luxury Reading for bringing to my attention the lack of an email subscription button for PTTP.   I hadn't realized that I never put it on the site.  It has been added and you can find it on the left sidebar.  Thanks Vera!

I owe you guys a few reviews:  Within A Hollow Crown by Margaret Campbell Barnes, The Highest Stakes by Emery Lee, Impatient With Desire by Gabrielle Burton, No Will But His by Sarah A. Hoyt and The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leanda de Lisle.

Have a good week everyone!




  1. Pollen still bad here too.
    Am finishing BREAKING DAWN by Stephenie Meyer. I have been surprised by the TWILIGHT series. This last book has caught me by surprise with some of the plot turns.
    Not sure what my next book will be. IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE by Gabrielle Burton and THE STOLEN CROWN both arrived the past two weeks. I may have to toss a coin to see which I read first.
    Thanks for putting up the subscription button. I hope your Roundtable Sisters do the same.

  2. I adore THE STOLEN CROWN...and I have pre-ordered C.W. Gortner's CATHERINE...I can not wait for that one to arrive...

  3. LOVED the The Stolen Crown and will be reading Higginbotham's other books. Get to your review when you can. We understand sista :)


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