I. Want. This. Now.

Ian Mortimer is the author of one of my newly acquired reads, The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England, which has received rave reviews.

I see now that he is releasing another non-fiction work on Medieval England and I am all over it! 

What do you think?

SYNOPSIS:  Ian Mortimer considers some of the key questions in Medieval history and rethinks the nature of historical evidence. In this important new work Ian Mortimer examines some of the most controversial questions in medieval history, including whether Edward II was murdered, his possible later life in Italy, the weakness of the Lancastrian claim to the throne in 1399, and the origins of the idea of the royal pretender. Central to this book is his groundbreaking approach to medieval evidence. He explains how an information-based method allows a more certain reading of a series of texts. He criticises existing modes of arriving at consensus and outlines a process of historical analysis that ultimately leads to questioning historical doubts as well as historical facts, with profound implications for what we can say about the past with certainty. This is an important work from one of the most original and popular medieval historians writing today.




  1. I want the Time Traveler's guide and this one looks interesting, too! Yet another to add to Mt. TBR.

  2. I think heck yes this is a must have along with his other one.

  3. AMY! I just bought Ian Mortimer's TIME TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO MEDIEVAL ENGLAND. I love Mortimer's writing style! This book's cover design looks just like the other one, too.

  4. Oh yes, I really want this one too!!

  5. Yeah--I'm going to have to get this now. Thanks!

    Love your blog, btw.

    -Connie @ Constance-Reader.com

  6. This sounds really intriguing.

  7. Got To Have It! His Time Traveler's Guide it at the top of my To Buy List. I'll just put this one up there with it.
    Darn, just realized it doesn't come out until November.

  8. Yep, that will be going on the wishlist ASAP!

  9. sounds very interesting! I always add too much to my wish list after visiting your blog :)


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