more HF-tastic releases in 2010

Sourcebooks has added a few future releases to Amazon and they are some good ones!

Having thoroughly enjoyed Ciji's novel Island of the Swans (READ MY REVIEW), I will most definitely be picking up Wicked Company.  I only see a UK release date of October 2010, but as soon as the US release date is unveiled I will let all of you know...I think it's safe to say that it will be around the same time!

SYNOPSIS:  At a time when female writers are considered a scandal, Sophie McGann, an independent Scottish lass living in 1761 London, pens plays for David Garrick, the lengendary actor-manager of Drury Lane.

Sourcebooks will be releasing the 3rd book in the Morland Dynasty Series, The Princeling, on October 1, 2010.  I recently read and reviewed the 1st book, The Founding (READ MY REVIEW)and will be reading the 2nd, The Dark Rose, shortly.  I can't wait to get further into this series!

SYNOPSIS:  In the Morland Dynasty series, the majestic sweep of English history is richly and movingly portrayed through the fictional lives of the Morland family. It is 1558, and Protestantism is sweeping the land and threatens the position of the Catholic Morlands, so they must seek new spheres of influence. John, the heir, rides north to the untamed Borderlands to wed the daughter of Black Will Percy, Northumberland cattle lord. But he finds he must first prove himself, and win her heart through blood and battle. John’s gentle sister Lettice is given in marriage to the ruthless Scottish baron, Lord Robert Hamilton, and in the treacherous court of Mary, Queen of Scots, she learns the fierce lessons of survival.

Sourcebooks will also be re-releasing the 2nd book in Margaret Irwin's Good Queen Bess Trilogy, Elizabeth, Captive Princess this year on October 1.  The 1st book, Young Bess, was reviewed here last month (READ MY REVIEW). 

SYNOPSIS:  A brother dead; a cousin executed; imprisonment in the Tower--in the aftermath of Edward VI's demise England is in turmoil and young Elizabeth s position is precarious. But while she is prey to the Queen's jealous suspicions, Queen Mary is fading; while Elizabeth is twenty and healthy. The country looks to the young princess for its future. Imperious, high spirited, fighting for her life, Elizabeth already shows the diplomacy, the baffling changes of mood, and the power to win men's devotion for which she would be famous as Queen.




  1. Oh, yay. I tried to comment on your blog earlier but I couldn't find the 'post comment' link. I am thinking the page just didn't load entirely! I will go comment on the posts I was reading earlier and see if it works. No need to approve this rambling, off-topic comment! lol

  2. The first two look awesome. I can't wait for those!

  3. I just bought a copy of Island of the Swans after reading your review and can't wait to get to it! These also look like wonderful reads and I will be really excited to get my hands on them, especially Elizabeth, Captive Princess. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I love Sourcebooks! They always have such amazing releases! The Princeling series sounds AMAZING!

  5. Great reads on the horizon : )

  6. How exciting! They all look GREAT :)


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