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I just found this puppy on Amazon and it sounds pretty good.  I believe this novel is self-published, hence the hmmm..., but I love anything Lucrezia Borgia and this is prefect for getting ramped up for The Borgias on Showtime.  

What do you think?


Release Date:  September 6, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  Much has been written about the Borgias, and interest in their exploits hasn’t waned in more than 500 years. Here, Lucrezia Borgia gives her own account of the events that shaped her life through scandal, tragedy and triumph.

Lucrezia Borgia starts life as the illegitimate daughter of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, who bribes his way to the papal throne in 1492 as Pope Alexander VI. To help swing the election in his favour, he agrees to wed 12-year-old Lucrezia into the ruling house Milan, but this alliance soon becomes superfluous to the Borgias, and Lucrezia’s sinister brother Cesare drives away her husband by threatening him with death.

Plans by her father and brother to marry her again, this time into the ruling house of the Kingdom of Naples, are put at risk by a liaison between Lucrezia and a chamberlain in her father’s household. Cesare has her lover murdered, but her new marriage makes Lucrezia blissfully happy, and produces a legitimate son.

Cesare, however, is still not content to let his sister be, and his alliance with France against Naples results in the murder of her second husband. Lucrezia leaves Rome heartbroken and mired in scandal, but eventually accepts a third marriage to the heir apparent to the Duchy of Ferrara. Away from the pressures of her father and brother, she begins to chart a new life in which she learns much about herself and the many forms that love may take: sensual, sacred, platonic, and familial. From this she matures as a person and eventually delivers heirs to the house of d’Este to emerge triumphant.




  1. Looks interesting, but I am starting my reading on Lucrezia with Jean Plaidy's books.

  2. Shame on me! I never heard of that family before. The book sounds nice and interesting to know more about them.

  3. I fell in love with Lucrezia when she made an appearance in 'The Borgia Bride' by Jeanna Kalogridis and followed up that book with Jean Plaidy's excellent books about her. I will definitely give this one a try because I haven't read anything about her in a few years and I'd like to again! Thanks for bringing this one to our attention!

  4. Definitely sounds like something I'll be looking for. I "met" Lucrezia in The Borgia Bride, and have gotten one of the Jean Plaidy books to read.

  5. Should be an interesting book. At times it still amazes me just how women were used to advance family and men's plans. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.


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