Wordless Wednesday

Since I am in Ireland at the moment with William Marshal and his wife Isabelle via The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick, I thought I'd take you there as well!


   Kilkenny Castle, Ireland (picture circa 1890)




  1. Fancy that, we are both in Ireland with the Marshal's LOL :)
    Look at all the foliage on the side of that castle! Very beautiful.

  2. I love Ireland (not as much as Scotland since thats part of my blood), but I am planning a trip there soon again to see some friends in Ireland and the Great Britain. This just makes me more excited to go. Thx so much!

  3. Stunning! Thanks for the gorgeous pic.

  4. Well fancy that! There are three of us visiting with the Marshall's. I thought I saw you in the hallway.

    I hate to admit it, but the Marshall's are boring me a bit. Hoping for exciting things to happen soon.

  5. Four of us now visiting Ireland with the Marshalls! Beautiful picture.

  6. Beautiful picture! Enjoy Ireland!


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