New Jean Plaidy re-issue in 2010!

Another Jean Plaidy re-issue! Woo Hoo!!!

The Three Crowns: The Story of William and Mary

Release Date:  November 2, 2010

SYNOPSIS: Born leader and brilliant soldier, William of Orange thought the English court a hotbed of vice and conspiracy -- Charles II with his mistresses, the Dukes of Monmouth and York ambitious for the throne.

William wanted no reluctant bride, but the three crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland were worth a little sacrifice. He would marry the fifteen-year-old Mary, bring her back to Holland, and teach her who was master.

All England rejoiced. Only Mary wept. She knew married people were rarely happy.




  1. I love the cover!!!!! Very Irish shade of green lol... will have to watch for this one...

  2. That's a pretty cover - I especially like the green.

  3. I love that deep vibrant green!!! Thanks for the tip about this novel :)

  4. I discovered Jean Plaidy several years ago and I still love to read her books, some I've read more than once.

  5. I do enjoy endulging in Jean Plaidy's historic ficiton novels. Thanks for letting us all know about this one. I have not read it, but figure I would love it.

  6. I just started reading Jean Plaidy thanks to the "Historical Fiction Roundtable" bloggers. I'll be checking in my local Barnes and Noble for this one. Thx so much!

  7. No, you're not allowed to post this!!! lol Thanks Amy, I hadn't realized they released the cover!

  8. Sounds like something to look forward to!

  9. I love Jean Plaidy (Victoria Holt). I will have to check my keeper boxes to see if I have this one.


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