2010 Release: The Courier's Tale by Peter Walker

by Peter Walker

US & UK Release Date: August 2, 2010

SYNOPSIS: Reginald Pole, diplomat, friend of scholars, cardinals and artists, and cousin to Henry VIII, is first seen stealing into the Medici chapel at dead of night to catch a forbidden glimpse of Michelangelo's masterpiece of funerary sculpture. But as the king's representative in Italy, and an admired scholar himself, it falls to him to make the case for Henry's divorce from Katherine of Aragon. And it falls to the hapless Michael Throckmorton to become Thomas Cromwell's courier to Pole in Rome. In Peter Walker's imaginative novel, in which two worlds, increasingly opposed, are beautifully evoked, we see these famous events that saw England become a Protestant nation through the eyes of the luckless courier. The dubious privilege of being courier to Cromwell and the King, makes of Michael Throckmorton's life a tragicomedy of endless journeys back and forth between England and Italy. And even though in time he becomes the loyal friend of the disgraced Pole, who can never risk returning to England while Henry lives, this is no compensation for the childhood love who appears to have been lost along the way.

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  1. That sounds like it might be interesting!

  2. I agree, Daphne. Hmmm...That's a new angle to take on an old story...

  3. I love that its a new point of view in Tudor-esque England. I'll have to watch out for this one. Thx so much!

  4. This is a different view of history and should be an interesting perspective.

  5. This sounds like an incredible read to me! I am off to add it to my wish list! Thanks so much for spotlighting this book!


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