Alexia Sinclair's The Regal Twelve

Ain't the Internet grand?  I've been having a lot of luck lately with finding awesome stuff on the internet.  Today I was looking for historical images of Elizabeth I for a post I'm working on and I came across this picture, which led me then to the artist's website where I found the others.  Alexis Sinclair is an Australian Fine-art Photgrapher and Digital Artist and I think she is UBER-FABULOUS!  I wish I could buy the whole series for my house - I could sit & stare at them all day! 

Of course Elizabeth is my favorite - talk about fierce, but I LOVE Eleanor of Aquitaine - absolutely stunning and powerful and exuding maternal sexiness!!

What do you think?  Which historical female would you like to see depicted?

Queen Elizabeth I


Marie Antoinette


Eleanor of Aquitaine




Isabella of Spain

Catherine the Great


Elizabeth Bathory


Christina of Sweden

Alexandra Romanov






  1. Those are so neat! They should do that as a photo shoot on America's Next Top Model. Maybe Joan of Arc could be on there?

  2. I remember seeing these a while ago (can't remember how or why) and thought they were just stunning! I would love to be that creative.

  3. Those are fabulous. I love digital art and this artists is very talented. Thanks for showcasing her!

  4. Her Elizabeth is so wonderful! I would love to see her do Anne Boleyn. I can only imagine how fabulous that would be. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Unbelievable though I have to say I absolutely love Isabella of Spain holding ships to the new world. Amazing

  6. Stunning! I love the pregnant one!
    Some of them look like they stepped into a fantasy world.

  7. Yeah I agree there should be a Joan of Arc shot.

  8. WOW! These are bizarre and intriguing! I don't know that I could handle them hanging all around my house, but they sure do command attention. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wow! Thanks for posting these. I would have never seen them otherwise. They are amazing.

  10. I love her photographs. I discovered her months ago through The Duchess of Devonshires blog.

  11. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful!
    Thank you so much for making me discovering this artist! It's love at first sight! ;)

  12. These are absolutely beautiful and captivating. The artist was so creative and yet caught the essence of each of these women. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

  13. So awesome! I think my favorite is Catherine the Great.

  14. Oh my! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! That's a really cool find.

  15. Oh my! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! That's a really cool find.

  16. These are very cool -- though I'm amused at how the queens all look like the very sexy women of Robert Parkes's art (anyone ever seen his stuff? I completely fell in love with it when I saw a gallery exhibit in Santa Fe.). Catherine the Great should be so lucky to look so good! I wouldn't mind owning her gown, though!

  17. What a find! They are all so beautiful.

  18. WOOOOOOWWWW! They are sooooo cool! And what amazingly perceptive context -- Elizabeth on a chess board, Eleanor the pregnant warrior, Marie Antoinette in the corset. I'm stunned and blown away!


  19. These are excellent! I especially love Eleanor of Aquitane. Thanks for sharing these!

  20. WOAH! Those are amazing! I'd seen the Marie Antoinette one before when I was searching for images to decorate my site...but HELLO ELIZABETH! Damn, that is some fierce hair! Thanks for sharing Amy, I can't wait to be the first to read your Elizabeth post :)

  21. I came across your blog in the BBAW scavenger hunt and I love it! What a great blog!

    This art is so awesome! Like you said, I wish I could buy them too. Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette are my favs!

    I am a history buff (majoring in history at college) and I love historical fiction. I'm sure I will visit often!

    See you around the blogosphere!

  22. As a writer and reader of historical fiction, I am thrilled to have found your wonderful blog. I love the pictures on this post of the famous women through history, especially the one of Marie Antoinette.

    I have a blog about Marie Antoinette's times you might enjoy:

    I hope you will pay us a visit!


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