Two Important Announcements!

I was inspired by Marie from The Burton Review ( today and got my own domain!  Yep, Passages to the Past is now it's own website.  Woo Hoo!! 

Please update your bookmarks to:

In other news, Passages to the Past now has a store on!  You can find my link on the left sidebar.  My purpose in creating this store is two-fold;  I wanted to create a store where Historical Fiction reigns, a site where you can find the genre's "must reads" and find reading suggestions.  I'll also be creating Listamanias.  The second reason I started this store is to help support my site...when you click and purchase an item from my store I receive a sort of pay-per-click percentage.  It's a little uncomfortable for me to be speaking to you about this kind of thing and believe me I am not soliciting....I just figured that if you were ordering a book that happens to be on my store it's a win/win situation.

Also, anyone can set up their own store on Amazon, so if you set one up please let us know so we can all support each other!  All hail book bloggers!

The Passages to the Past Amazon store:



    Birds of a feather flock together.. =)

    I set up an amazon store last week, has lots of titles in it by different categories but nothing fancy.

    My link is:
    I am trying to remember where I need to change my Website address at certain places, if you think of any besides Goodreads and twitter, let me know. Otherwise I have drawn a blank!

    Congrats on the move, what the HECK took us so long??!!

  2. Well I am impressed...congrats to you!

  3. I've considered doing this, but I'm afraid that I will lose everything.
    I am the biggest weinie.

  4. I checked your amazon site. It's lovely! If I ever buy books from amazon, I'll make sure they're from you. Good for you Amy!

  5. Congratulations! The new domain name looks lovely! :-)

  6. I wanna do this too! See how that Marie gets us all going? I will check this out too as soon as I get a chance. Love the domain:)

  7. It looks great Amy! I've already seen a few books on your store that I want to take a closer look at. I love the overall look - very sharp! (Of course I'm partial to earth tones, so you know I'm going to love the brown background.) :) I'll try to remember your site if I decide to buy anything (like Diana Gabaldon's newest).

  8. I like your store idea. I am going to browse through it. *smile*

  9. I am blown away! Think Keanu Reeves saying "Woa"
    Good luck and congrats to you.

    Also hope you are okay with all that Mother Nature has thrown your way down in Georgia. Hugs and good thoughts your way :)

  10. Would love to do this but I know how the hubby would react if I spent money on something! Haha!

    I have a little something for you here:


  11. Amy - I announced your new store in my newsletter this month. I think it is great. And if a review motivates me to buy a book then I feel the reviewer should get something kicked back. Good luck with your store.


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