Wordless Wednesday

Amicalola Falls (2008) ~ Georgia
photo by: me



  1. Great picture! I used to go there quite a bit...I was in college just up the road at North Georgia. :)

  2. Thanks S. Krishna! I too am a HUGE fan of waterfalls...the best place I've seen so far is North Carolina! Now that I've got my nifty-fancy digital camera I can't wait to find more waterfalls!

    Robinbird - how cool - what a small world! Why is it that I meet all of you cool people and you all don't live here anymore =(

  3. LOL at all you cool people!!
    I have NEVER seen a waterfall.
    Doubt I ever will.
    Stuck out here in East Texas working and raising kids and blogging and I just get to live life through you guys.
    A fabulous picture, Amy! I hope all is going well for you and the job hunt. My hubby (although he still has a job right now, knock on wood) has an interview later on today so think positive thoughts for us.
    Are you all ready for the HF Bloggers Round Table Event?
    Me.. no.. but working on it =)

  4. great picture! i love it when people take me on trips with them via their photography!

  5. What a beautiful scene! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. That is beautiful! Living in the city, I don't get to see that kind of beauty very often. Thanks for posting that...


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