Announcing the Historical Fiction Round Table!

Calling all Historical Fiction lovers!!!

Marie Burton from The Burton Review came up with this fantastic idea for a Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table. 

Throughout the week of September 14-18 a group of us Historical Fiction bloggers will be hosting interviews with each other, as well as, writing guests posts on our favorite historical figure and offering giveaways! 
The charter members of the HF Bloggers Round Table are:

Allie at Hist-Fic Chick

Here is the schedule of events:

Monday,Sept. 14th: Enchanted by Josephine receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Heather
Guest Post: Fact or Fiction…The Death of Cleopatra

Read post HERE

Also on Monday,Sept. 14th: The Burton Review receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Allie
Guest Post: Mary, Queen of Scots: A Queen Without A Country

Read post HERE

Tuesday, Sept. 15th:
Hist-Fic-Chick receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Amy
Guest Post: Elizabeth I (may be posted on another day - stay tuned)

Wednesday, Sept. 16th: Passages to The Past receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Lucy
Guest Post: The Royal Granddaughter…Another Josephine

Also on Wednesday, Sept. 16th: receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Lizzy
Guest Post: Catherine Howard, The Rose With Out a Thorn

Thursday, Sept. 17th: The Maiden’s Court receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Arleigh
Guest Post: Eleanore of Equitaine: Mother of a Dynasty

Friday, September 18th:
Historically Obsessed receives Royal Heiress of the Day: Marie
Guest Post: Me & Anne Boleyn

We would also love for anyone else to participate and take this event forward on their own blog.

How you can participate: Paste our red HF Button on your own 'HF bloggers Round Table Event' post and make sure to link it back here.

1- Invite your own guests for posts or interviews
2- Do Giveaways
3- Post anything of historical interest or information
4- Leave a comment on this post with a link to your HF post and we’ll be sure to mention the blogs who have participated in our HF SUMMARY of EVENTS- The following week.



  1. I'm already loving this event and this is only the second day!

    I posted this link on Enchanted with Josephine's page and I'll post it here too! It is my first fun post for the week and my attempt at something to add to the fun! :)

  2. New Participants need to link to Enchanted's Announcement HERE
    The more the merrier!
    Allie's post with you, Amy, is having issues due to Blogger Technicalities and Scheduling issues. It doesn't seem to post when she schedules it and she has to pull teeth to get it up. So I imagine it'll be sometime today.
    I am definitely looking forward to it!!
    Two of my Intl Giveaways are up though so, go enter those! And visit Two guest posts already up =)

  3. Here is a link to our interview!! :) I pingged the you-know-what out of it enough times and finally it went through to Google Reader! Grrr...Google Reader/Blogger and I have such a love/hate relationship! Anyway, I think it's a great interview and we make an awesome Q&A team, Amy!

  4. Do HF reviews count? If so, would you like to add my review of Elizabeth Chadwick's The Time of Singing to your list?

  5. Here is the link to your guest post at Hist-Fic Chick! It's a great post Amy!! I'd never seen either of those letters before!

  6. Robinbird: I'm so glad you're liking it and that you're participating!

    Marie: thanks for the link! Poor Allie, it looks like she got it, but what a hassle! Blogger can be a pain at times!

    Allie: I enjoyed it as well! You and I DO make a great team!

    Carla: of course! I'll make sure you are included in the post Round Table post!

    Allie: I'm glad you liked it - I think it's so cool that we have the have the access to such a piece of history!

  7. This is great, I wish I had seen this before, but then the historical fiction that I mostly read is in a different realm..


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