This day in history for October 16

I would like to start a new feature on my blog and you better like it! No, just kidding, but I do hope you like it since you're all fanatical about history like I am!

On this day in history in 1973 Marie Antoinette was beheaded during the French Revolution.

Antoinette's so-called trial was held on October 14 although the verdict had long been decided upon by the Committee of Public Safety. The guilty verdict was handed down on the morning of October 16th and she was executed by12:15 pm that same day - just two weeks before her 38th birthday. She was buried in a unmarked grave, but her remains were later moved to St. Denis Basilica.
Marie Antoinette circa 1793 (Alexander Kucharsky)
Marie Antoinette's execution (kinda creepy huh?)
Marie Antoinette's tomb at St. Denis Basilica
Marie Antoinette in happier times as the new Queen of France (1775)


  1. Great idea --- I love it!!! I'm always looking at the birth and death days thing on LT, so this is nice.

  2. This is a great new feature! I know embarrassingly little about history (elven though I own "American History for Dummies," and "World History for Dummies"!)

  3. I love this feature! I just hope that my new niece has better luck than this woman who died on her birthday. :)


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