New Releases in November

November is going to be a good month for reading, not so much for your wallet! Here are some new releases for November:

A historical fiction that presents the life and loves of Jacqueline of Hainaut, thrice married, thrice imprisoned and ransomed; the extraordinary 15th-century life of a woman who endured the power politics of the courts of England, Burgundy, and France.

Katherine of Valois, raised amidst the madness and lechery of the French court, wed to a conquering English king, alone and afraid in a world of treachery and violence. Owen Tudor, incredibly handsome and gifted, a poet and singer by nature, a warrior by necessity, and a man ready to risk life for love. Theirs was a passion too perilous to reveal—and too fiery to be long restrained or concealed. This is their story.

The King's grey mare was Elizabeth Woodville, Queen and wife of Edward IV. Beautiful beyond belief, with unique silver-grey hair, she had once known joy of a marriage based on love—only to see it snatched away on the battlefield. Hardened and changed by grief, Elizabeth became the tool of her evil ambitious mother—the witch, Jaquetta of Bedford—who was determined that her daughter should sit on the throne of England. By trickery, deception, and witchcraft, Jaquetta's wish was fulfilled. But even a witch could not have known the tragedy which lay in store for the King's grey mare.

It is April 1551. While the family of Lord Henry Grey are visiting their Devon estate, the Grey sisters are saved from drowning by a local medical apprentice, Richard Stocker. Little does Richard know that this single act will plunge him into a tide of religious and social upheaval that will change not only his own life but the course of British history. In gratitude for saving his daughters, Lord Henry agrees to employ Richard in his household. Lady Katherine has already fallen for her father’s handsome new employee, while Richard is in thrall to the intellect of her troubled but brilliant sister, Lady Jane, with whom he forms a close friendship. Following King Edward’s death, the teenaged Lady Jane is proclaimed Queen. Soon, however, she is deposed and put to the axe. The woman Richard has grown to love as a friend, confidante, and adviser is dead. Bereft, he abandons the intrigues and deceptions of court life, resolving to resume his medical apprenticeship. In the Shadow of Lady Jane is at once a gripping political thriller and a compelling love story.


  1. Okay, I'll admit that "The King's Grey Mare" has been intriguing me for a while now. I've not yet read one of her books, though. Have you??

  2. Don't you just love the title? No, I haven't read any of hers, but I've heard good things and she gets good reviews.

  3. I am fascinated by the cover of In The Shadow of Lady Jane. That cover has been around for AGES on Larry Rostant's website (he's a book illustrator) and it seems to be taking a very long time for the book itself to appear. I do love the cover. I think it's a particularly good example of Larry's artwork.

  4. Hmm. I think the first one sounds the most interesting! At this point I know a bit too much about English history to really enjoy historical fiction that is going to repeat the same story (and often incorrectly) but I love a different perspective and that first one sounds like it. Perhaps the last one as well. I'll have to check them out. Thanks Amy!

  5. These books all look great. My favorite fiction is historical fiction from the Middle Ages to the Tudor era. I just discovered your blog but I will be visiting regularly because I can tell I will be able to depend on you to let us know what is coming out.

  6. Oh Amy....

    Tag, you're it! (Sorry I couldn't resist and I know how much downtime you have these days...ha!) You can get even with me later.

    You've just been tagged for the "7 Random Facts Tag - Book Edition" at
    A Reader's Respite!

  7. These all look so very wonderful. Now I need to find the money and the time. :)

  8. EC: the cover of Lady Jane is beautiful. I will have to check out Larry's work now!

    Meghan: thanks! If you do read any of them, let me know how you liked them.

    Alabama Book Worm: love the name! I'm glad you liked my site...please keep stopping by! BTW - I like yours too!


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