Announcing the Live Author Chat Night with Lauren Willig

I am super excited to announce my next Live Author Chat Night with the creator of the Pink Carnation Series, Lauren Willig, in honor of her most recent release, The Orchid Affair!  This was my first read in the series and I could kick myself for waiting so long to see what everyone was raving about!    

Chat Night Details:

When: Thursday, February 17th
What Time:  6:30 - 7:30 pm EST

Here's how Chat Night will work:

All corresponding (questions and answers) will take place in the comments section of the Chat Night post (not this one).  I will start off the Chat Night with a welcome message and a question or two to get the ball rolling and then the floor is open to whomever has a question for Lauren.  

If you have a question or even a comment on another question to Lauren's response, just enter it into the comment box.  

For examples, please check out the past 3 live chats that were hosted at PTTP: 

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In The Orchid Affair, Willig introduces her strongest heroine yet. Laura Grey, a veteran governess, joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation. She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the children of Andre Jaouen, right-hand man to Bonaparte's minister of police. Jaouen and his arch rival, Gaston Delaroche, are investigating a suspected Royalist plot to unseat Bonaparte, and Laura's mission is to report any suspicious findings.

At first the job is as lively as Latin textbooks and knitting, but Laura begins to notice strange behavior from Jaouen-secret meetings and odd comings and goings. As Laura edges herself closer to her employer, she makes a shocking discovery and is surprised to learn that she has far more in common with Jaouen than she originally thought...

As their plots begin to unravel, Laura and Jaouen are forced on the run with the children, and with the help of the Pink Carnation they escape to the countryside, traveling as husband and wife. But Delaroche will stop at nothing to take down his nemesis. With his men hot on their trail, can Laura and Jaouen seal the fate of Europe before it's too late? 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you have any questions prior to the event you can either email me or simply ask the question in the comment box and I will get back to you quickly with a response.

If you run into any issues while Chat Night is in progress you can always email me directly during the Chat or instant message me on Google Chat and I will get back to you ASAP.

passages to the past at gmail dot com

I think that about covers everything!  I really hope to see you all there and can't wait to see what fantastic questions you all come up with!



  1. I put it on my calender, but I have a bad habit of missing chats.. I really don't want to miss this one.

  2. Marking my calendar now.....I'll be there! :)


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