Review: Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott

Dark Moon of Avalon (Book Two, Twilight of Avalon Trilogy)
by Anna Elliott

Publication Date: 9.14.10

SYNOPSIS: She is a healer, a storyteller, and a warrior. She has fought to preserve Britain’s throne. Now she faces her greatest challenge in turning bitter enemies into allies, saving the life of the man she loves . . . and mending her own wounded heart.

The young former High Queen, Isolde, and her friend and protector, Trystan, are reunited in a new and dangerous quest to keep the usurper, Lord Marche, and his Saxon allies from the throne of Britain. Using Isolde’s cunning wit and talent for healing and Trystan’s strength and bravery, they must act as diplomats, persuading the rulers of the smaller kingdoms, from Ireland to Cornwall, that their allegiance to the High King is needed to keep Britain from a despot’s hands.

Their admissions of love hang in the air, but neither wants to put the other at risk by openly declaring a deeper alliance. When their situation is at its most desperate, Trystan and Isolde must finally confront their true feelings toward each other, in time for a battle that will test the strength of their will and their love.

Steeped in the magic and lore of Arthurian legend, Elliott paints a moving portrait of a timeless romance, fraught with danger, yet with the power to inspire heroism and transcend even the darkest age. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

REVIEW: The resplendent world of Anna Elliott’s Trystan and Isolde continues in Dark Moon of Avalon, book two of the phenomenal Twilight of Avalon trilogy (READ MY REVIEW OF BOOK ONE HERE).

As book two opens we find Isolde and Britain’s High King Madoc, long-time enemies, now allies plotting a way to defend Britain from Lord Marche and his Saxon collaborators. Trystan has returned to Dinas Emyre in search of Isolde’s help and together they set out to save their friend and gather support for the fight against Lord Marche, all easier said than done. Isolde’s gift of sight has also returned though it proves more often a curse than a blessing and only gives her the vaguest of visions. And just as in TOA, their mettle and tenacity will be tested relentlessly against some pretty nasty foes.

While on their journey, Trystan and Isolde will also have to confront the emotions that they have been feeling for each other, ones that they’ve been suppressing for so long and for this reader it was a total “YES!” moment. Their love is so much like my own with my husband. A relationship started from a strong friendship and built with trust, understanding and unconditional love. Able to know each other’s minds better than their own, they are like two broken halves making one complete person. Now that’s true love!!

Anna Elliott’s wonderful menagerie of characters are all accounted for, along with some new faces that you will either loath or love. My personal fave is still Kian, though sadly we didn’t get to spend too much time with him in book two, but Anna has said he will be back for the final book so I’m stoked about that. I guess I have a thing for the “old gruff” as Anna refers to him and love this quote of his:

“Don’t mind for me lass. I’ve been a sight closer to death than I am now. I’m not that easy to kill.”

In conclusion, I loved, loved, loved this book equally as much as I loved the first book, Twilight of Avalon and while I can’t wait to read the final book I know I will be super sad to leave the lovely world that Anna Elliott has brilliantly brought to life.

The final and third book in the trilogy is titled Sunrise of Avalon will be released in 2011. One enemy has been weakened but the final battle for Britain and Trystan and Isolde against Lord Marche is yet to fight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
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  1. After reading your review here, and the interview done with Anna Elliott...I am stoked to read this series. It sounds absolutely fabulous. I do love Arthurian legend, and have just tapped into the Trystan and Isolde story which has grabbed my attention.

    I watched the 2006 Tristan and Isolde movie, which I liked, but left me wanting to know a book. Have you seen this movie? If so, what did you think? I think the movie's angle is different from the angle of Ms. Elliott's books...correct?

  2. 5 crowns! I am trying to read this book but for whatever reason am unable to get caught up in it. I am glad to hear that it is worthwhile when I do! I think it is a mood thing. I wasn't in a great reading mood last week and was likely forcing myself too much... Must try again soon because I really liked book 1!

  3. This does sound excellent. I love Arthur tales.

  4. Nice review. Sounds like a good book, but it doesn't really sound like they are ticking to the story

  5. Nice nice review. Love the diddy on you and the hubby. True love.... My own hubby and I were long time friends before things "blossomed." Kind of nice. Have a great week.

  6. This series sounds absolutely fabulous! I want to read this book!

  7. This series sounds like a's great when the second book is just as good as the first :)

  8. I'm glad this one lives up to the first! I can't wait to get to it.

  9. Great review Amy. But like Kailana above, having trouble getting through the book. Maybe it's my mood or something, becasue I LOVED TOA.

  10. Ditto on the person who observed that your interview and reviews have me now seeking out Ms Elliott's books. I need to find the first one -- I can't wait! :)


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