Mailbox Monday

Another Monday, Another Mailbox!! This is a feature where we all share with each other the yummy books that showed up at our doors! WARNING: Mailbox Mondays can lead to extreme envy and GINORMOUS wishlists!!

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page, but for the month of September MM is on tour and hosted by Bermudaonion Weblog.  

It's that time again to share what new goodies came in our mailboxes!!  This week wasn't too bad, I received Penelope's Daughter by Laurel Corona from the publisher for review...I will also be having an author interview with Laurel and a giveaway!  And I won The Pindar Diamond by Katie Kickman from LibraryThing.

Penelope's Daughter
by Laurel Corona

Release Date:  October 5, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  The award-winning author of The Four Seasons retells The Odyssey from the point of view of Odysseus and Penelope's daughter.

With her father Odysseus gone for twenty years, Xanthe barricades herself in her royal chambers to escape the rapacious suitors who would abduct her to gain the throne. Xanthe turns to her loom to weave the adventures of her life, from her upbringing among servants and slaves, to the years spent in hiding with her mother's cousin, Helen of Troy, to the passion of her sexual awakening in the arms of the man she loves.

And when a stranger dressed as a beggar appears at the palace, Xanthe wonders who will be the one to decide her future-a suitor she loathes, a brother she cannot respect, or a father who doesn't know she exists. 

The Pindar Diamond
by Katie Hickman

Release Date:  August 17, 2010

SYNOPSIS:  In a small town on the Italian coast, a mysterious woman washes ashore. She is crippled, mute, and clutches a bundle to her chest—a baby the townspeople insist is a real-life mermaid. It can only bring bad luck; they pay a troupe of acrobats to carry mother and child away. 

In the bustling trade center of Venice, merchant Paul Pindar is the subject of his colleagues' concern. Since his return from Constantinople, they have found him changed; raging over the loss of his beloved, Celia, he has gambled away his fortune at the gaming tables. But when a priceless blue diamond surfaces in the city, Pindar recognizes the opportunity to regain everything he has lost—including, perhaps, the woman he loves. A celebrated writer of history and travel books, Katie Hickman has always been a master of evoking time and place. With The Pindar Diamond, her follow-up to The Aviary Gate, she brings early-seventeenth-century Italy vividly to life, and also demonstrates her maturity as a novelist. A tale of love and avarice, with a touch of the mystical, The Pindar Diamond is rich with historical detail, and unfolds with urgency and grace. It is accomplished, wholly satisfying historical fiction.

What came in your mailbox dear readers?



  1. I just love the sound of Penelope's Daughter. You always do find wonderful books.

  2. Ooh, great books! Love the synopsis for both!

    Happy reading. =)

  3. I got Penelope's Daughter too! Which I am very excited to read - great mailbox!

  4. Ooh, I wanted the Pindar Diamond.
    You are so lucky!

  5. Two more good books to keep an eye out for.

    In the mail I got:
    THE BRIDE COLLECTOR by Ted Dekker in audio
    ROAST MORTEM by Cleo Cole
    INSATIABLE by Meg Cabot
    TO SURRENDER TO A ROGUE by Cara Elliot
    DESIRE ME by Robyn DeHart
    NEVER RESIST TEMPTATION by Miranda Neville
    ENEMY LOVER by Karin Harlow

    It is quite a mix.

  6. Penelope's Daughter sounds fascinating...something different in the historical fiction area.

  7. Both of these sound really good. Happy reading!


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