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Happy Sunday dear readers!  I hope this weekend has been treating you well, I know it's gone by too fast for me already.  And I don't know about any of you, but I am SO ready for the Summer to be over....this heat is just ferocious!

Anywho, back to the good stuff.  In READING NEWS...I spent my Saturday with Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley and finished reading His Last Letter by Jeane Westin, which I really enjoyed.  I will be having an author interview with Ms. Westin here at PTTP, as well as, a giveaway for one lucky reader!  Westin also wrote The Virgin's Daughters, which also took place in the court of Elizabeth I (READ MY REVIEW).

I am also reading For the King's Favor by the uber-talented Elizabeth Chadwick.  I will have the honor of interviewing Ms. Chadwick here at PTTP in late August/early September so stay tuned!  

SYNOPSIS:  A captivating story of a mother's love stretched to breaking and a knight determined to rebuild his life with the royal mistress, For the King's Favor is Elizabeth Chadwick at her best. Based on a true story never before told and impeccably researched, this is a testament to the power of sacrifice and the strength of love. When Roger Bigod, heir to the powerful earldom of Norfolk, arrives at court to settle an inheritance, he meets Ida de Tosney, young mistress to King Henry II. In Roger, Ida sees a chance for lasting love, but their decision to marry carries an agonizing price. It's a breathtaking novel of making choices, not giving up, and coping with the terrible shifting whims of the king.

My NEXT FIVE READS are Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester, Great Maria by Cecelia Holland, The Wet Nurse's Tale by Erica Eisdorfer, Dracula in Love by Karen Essex and The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory.

I didn't do a Suddenly Sunday post last week because I was stuck in the Orlando airport, but I wanted to tell you about MY DATE WITH AN AUTHOR!  The loverly Christy English, author of The Queen's Pawn, just happened to be staying in my little town outside of Atlanta (actually she was like 2 minutes from my house), so we took advantage and met for dinner.  She was the first person I've met from online and I'm so glad it was her!  We had the best time, although I hope she couldn't tell how nervous I was.  We ate at Chili's and talked Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, writing, blogs, crazy Mel Gibson and then we went to Barnes and Noble where we walked around and talked BOOKS....well, I mean what else are you going to talk about in B&N!?  Heehee.  But seriously we had a great time, it was like meeting with a friend that you've known forever and I hope we can do it again soon.  I invited her to the homestead next time, so we'll see if she braves my cooking :) 

Christy's next book, To Be Queen, will be released on April 5, 2011 and she has graciously agreed to come back to Passages to the Past for an interview!

This past Friday was the premier of The Pillars of the Earth mini-series on Starz and I caved in and ordered the channel just for the series.  I wasn't able to catch it Friday night, but I taped it and plan on watching it today.  I will also post reviews of each episode, I believe there are 8 total.

Starz is having a FREE PREVIEW of the first two episodes, which were aired together as one, so click HERE to watch the episodes, as well as, some behind the scenes videos!   

Well, I think that about wraps up things on my corner of the was your week?



  1. Lots of new books to check out! Resting up from our Orlando trip -- is it hot everywhere?!! I've met a few "online" friends -- so far, so good!!

  2. We watched Pillars the other night and enjoyed it. I haven't read the book but I"m guessing you have to go into watching this much like the Tudors - for entertainment mostly.

  3. Great line up of books. For the King sounds great, and I loved Chadwick's To Defy A King. Is For the King's Favor a re-release? This one seems to be about Hugh's parents, and since I know their ending, I am not certain how For the King's Favor would read for me...know what I mean?

    The Pillars of the Earth sounds interesting. I have not read the book, but am intrigued. I am going to take a look at the episdoes link you posted. Thanks.

    My last week was a good week, and this coming week should be better since my husband is on vacation.

    Have a great week Amy! :)

  4. How cool that you got to get together in person with Christy! That would be so great!

    I have been waiting and waiting for Pillars of the Earth on Starz...and then, wouldn't you know it...we lost our satellite service and then I went in the hospital and then have been staying at mom's after getting out...and she doesn't have cable or satellite...ugh! However, my dad is recording it. I just hope he realizes it's 8 episodes! I can't wait to watch it. =O)

  5. Amy, what a special time you were able to have with Christy. That is just so awesome and so happy you got along so well and she was so receptive to hanging out. You have a lot of interesting books lined up. I'm anxious to hear about them. I agree with you on this summer. Yuck!!! Enjoy this week. :)

  6. i read pillars awhile back and enjoyed it. i channel surfed upon the tv series friday night and really liked it. i had forgotton a lot of the details. it may cause me to do a re-read. let's see what next week brings ;-D

  7. How special to be able to meet and speak with Christy English. I do hope you get to see her again.

    Thank you so much for the link for PILLARS OF THE EARTH. We do not get STARZ unfortunately. It has been almost 2 years sin I read it and the follow-up, WORLD WITHOUT END. I will have to look at the site some more when I get home. It is a bit harde on my little netbook.

    Hope you are staying cool and having a great summer.


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