2011 Release: The Raven Queen by Jules Watson

I fell in love with the writing of Jules Watson after reading her fabulous novel The Swan Maiden last year (READ MY REVIEW) and have been waiting with bated breath for the next book in the series.  My wait will be over next year when The Raven Queen will be released on February 22, 2010!  Yippee!

I also did an INTERVIEW with her if you'd like to check that out.

by Jules Watson

Release Date:  February 22, 2011

There is no synopsis available, but I do have an excerpt from our interview where I ask her about The Raven Queen

In the Ulster Cycle, the ancient Irish legends, the two most important women were Deirdre, heroine of The Swan Maiden, and Queen Maeve. Maeve is the subject of The Raven Queen. They are two completely different characters: Deirdre is a beautiful and tragic maiden, an Aphrodite, and her story is about true love and jealousy. Maeve is a ruling queen in her own right, a powerful warrior — more of an Athena crossed with Mars. She causes the war between Ulster and Connacht that is at the heart of the best-known Irish epic The Tain. Both women were maligned by the monks who wrote down the oral tales, Deirdre portrayed as a selfish, sexy minx and Maeve as a bloodthirsty nymphomaniac. Both were blamed by the early chroniclers for causing the deaths of many men. What could these women have truly been to inspire such fear and suppression? I wrote the novels to imagine the answer. We don’t have one tale about Maeve, we have many, so I picked out some aspects and left the more fantastical out of it. It’s more a “reimagination” inspired by her. It shows the princess Maeve’s struggle to become queen, triumphing over the men in her life who have always used her for their own ends. She eventually takes her warriors to war against Ulster, facing the famous Irish hero Cuchulainn and the slightly mad King Conor. When disaster strikes, she discovers what her true power could be. There is also an unusual love story, as I always have a romance at the heart of my books.

C'mon February!!



  1. I have Jules Watson on my shelf (the Dalraida trilogy, I think), but haven't read her at all! Yikes, I better catch up!

  2. What incredible eyes the character on the cover has. I don't know this author, but will have to read the first book you spoke about.

  3. I wasnt thrilled with the Swan Maiden, so this might be a library book.

  4. I need to read this author :)

  5. I'm with you. Come on February.

  6. I LOVE these posts! I cannot wait to get my e-mails from you to see all the beautiful covers and know what's coming up! For some reason your last one that had The Daughters of Rome is not showing up here...


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